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Beginner's Guide to Path of Exile 2024

Feb-06-2024 PST path of exile

Welcome to the enthralling world of Path of Exile! As you embark on your journey through the dark and complex continent of Wraeclast, it's essential to equip yourself with knowledge to navigate the intricate systems of this renowned action role-playing game. This beginner guide aims to provide you with the essential information to make your initial steps in PoE enjoyable and less overwhelming.

Beginner's Guide to Path of Exile 2024

Getting Started: League Selection and Character Classes

When you first launch Path of Exile, you'll be prompted to choose a game mode. There are three options:

1.Standard League: The permanent league with a well-established economy but lacks the newest league content.

2.Challenge League: Temporary leagues lasting around 3 to 4 months, introducing fresh mechanics and a reset economy.

3.Hardcore: Similar to Challenge League but with the added challenge of permadeath, moving the character to the Standard League upon death.

Choose the league that suits your preference, keeping in mind that most guides are designed for Challenge Leagues.

Next, you'll choose a character class. Unlike traditional RPGs, classes in PoE determine starting positions on the Passive Skill Tree rather than restricting specific abilities. The three core attributes are Strength (Red), Dexterity (Green), and Intelligence (Blue). Each class has a unique combination of these attributes:

Marauder: Strength

Templar: Strength/Intelligence

Witch: Intelligence

Shadow: Dexterity/Intelligence

Ranger: Dexterity

Duelist: Strength/Dexterity

Scion: Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence (unlocked later in the game)

Remember, there's no "best" class, and your choice mainly impacts starting attributes and position on the Passive Skill Tree.

Gems - Unleashing Abilities

In PoE, skills come in the form of Skill Gems. These gems are slotted into gear sockets, and the gem's color corresponds to the main attribute required. Gems gain experience, improving their power and requirements as you use them. Keep an eye on matching gem colors to socket colors for effective skill usage.

League Play and Character Progression

Most players prefer the Challenge Leagues for their temporary nature and exciting mechanics. These leagues reset the economy, provide fresh challenges, and offer cosmetic rewards. Hardcore adds permadeath, intensifying the experience.

Character progression involves completing quests, leveling up, and acquiring gear. Encampments in each act serve as safe zones with quest givers, vendors, and waypoints for fast travel.

Ascendancy and the Labyrinth

As you progress, you'll encounter Ascendancy, allowing specialization. To ascend, complete the Lord's Labyrinth without dying. The Labyrinth has four difficulties, each rewarding 2 Ascendancy points on first completion.

Resistance and Flasks: Vital for Survival

Understanding elemental resistances (Fire, Cold, Lightning) is crucial. Resistances are capped at 75%, and penalties apply in later acts. Upgrading gear to maintain capped resistances is essential.

Flasks play a pivotal role in survival. Notable flasks include Quicksilver (for speed), Granite (armor boost), Diamond (Critical Strike chance), and Silver (Onslaught buff).

Experience Gain and Death Penalties

Experience is gained by killing monsters within your level range. Advanced players intentionally stay a few levels below the zone to maximize experience. Dying incurs penalties, especially after facing Kitava in Act V and Act X.

Currency in Wraeclast

Path of Exile boasts a unique Path of Exile Currency system with orbs serving practical purposes. Chaos Orbs are the common currency unit. Their values fluctuate based on demand, influencing the entire economy.

Installing a Loot Filter

To manage the overwhelming loot drops, install a Loot Filter to highlight valuable items and streamline your experience. This ensures you focus on what truly matters.


This beginner's guide covers the fundamentals, but don't hesitate to seek assistance on MMOexp.com if you have more questions. Enjoy your time in Wraeclast, and may your journey be filled with adventure and discovery!

MMOexp POE Team