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​It’s funny and maybe it’s just in Mut 20 coins my head

Dec-04-2019 PST Madden 20

It’s funny and maybe it’s just in Mut 20 coins my head, but the first gameplay I experienced was in the 2 college games in QB1, and my initial impression was that graphics didn’t seem too much better, and gameplay felt very similar to M19 (so it felt bad).

Then I played a couple of normal games and both the graphics and gameplay felt wayyy better. Like I said maybe it’s just in my head but that was my first impression.

There were a few things that really annoyed me. I was playing as TJ Watt and went right around the RT and right before I hit the QB TJ slowed down and didn’t even hit the QB. Had that happen twice. Also had a strip sack and Edmunds ran right over the football instead of picking it up.

They didn't touch franchise, again. I haven't bought Madden for the past three years. I always read reviews and it's just the same roster update with a slight gameplay adjustment that they could've done in a weeks time in a patch in previous versions.

Pass coverage hasn’t improved one bit. Players just stand there and let receivers run wide open. That alone is an easy no buy for me. The fact that this has been a glaring problem for the past few years and yet EA chose not to address it in any way is a complete slap in the face.

How people are looking at this and wanting to rush out and play it is COMPLETELY mind blowing to me. Things are NEVER going to change because of that type of mindset. EA is winning once again...

I definitely respect how you feel about the game, and perhaps I’ll feel the same way in a month or two. It’s just my initial reaction and obviously as time goes on I’ll be exposed to the true flaws in gameplay that we all see year to year..

Pass coverage can usually be fixed with sliders. And yes, after a couple quick games in all-madden, weak coverage on both sides is the biggest glaring issue.

That’s a problem in itself. When you have to go mess with sliders all over the place to make basic pass coverage work, that shows you how absolute trash EA is at what they are doing.

I’m not saying it’s not perfect, I’m saying it is absolutely TERRIBLE. And it has been for years. Safeties playing 20 yards off of everyone, corners being in their backpedal a full second after a WR has changed direction, linebackers letting receivers run across their zone without being touched, these are all problems that weren’t there 10-15 years ago but have been for the last 3–4 years now. And things aren’t going to change as long as people continue to go out and buy it.

Well first off, pass rush was improved largely in an attempt to hide how broken pass coverage is. Furthermore, I’ve played numerous games of Madden. Not every single dropback results in an under 2 second sack. So to use that as a point is just silly.

The point is that basic pass coverage is atrocious. Safeties play unrealistically deep, corners get stuck in the backpedal long after a receiver has changed direction, and User AI players are frequently not making plays on the ball when the ball is within reach. The catch is that the CPU doesn’t do this. It’s an obvious example of EA intentionally crippling the User and one of the numerous ways this game is broken.

QB1 is very very short. It honestly serves as an alternative start to Franchise mode if you're doing a player only career as a QB.

You only play two games in the college playoffs and then the draft combine which is a passing skill game to determine who you're drafted by. I got drafted in the first round by the dolphins which doesn't make any sense considering their current quarterback situation.

The only thing you do in the combine is a passing timing drill. There's a zone in the field that the receiver has to hit when you pass the ball. There are 24 passes in total and I got 18.

It took me about 2-3 hours to complete and then you're dropped off in the standard franchise mode.

Yup. You also unlock a superstar x factor ability immediately and because I'm a Scrambler, I got access to some of the running back abilities like better juke animations. The xfactor I'm using is "First one free".

I have to play the honeymoon period as QUICKLY and as many as possible. Before people get good and rock my dome. Same as always.

It still kills my CPU for some reason on PC even on low settings which is weird because I could run another game on the side and watch youtube while playing cheap Madden 20 coins.

But tackling still looks like a game of pin ball - dudes bouncing off each other in directions that defy physics. And it looks like players are running in quicksand.

I posted on another thread asking about it... it’s still not working. So pissed. Obviously an Intentional design flaw intended to push people to MUT.