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    Jan-18-2020, 15:51:36 PST
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    Inexpensive. Fast delivery.
    Jan-18-2020, 11:52:55 PST
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    They 100% legit fast communication, just takes a while. I advise you to order it a day in advance or before you go to work or something so you don’t have to wait around.
    Jan-18-2020, 05:02:57 PST
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    Really good site 100% legit delivery times a little slow but customer support is really good 
    Jan-16-2020, 04:21:53 PST
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    Pros:Good service, cheap prices. Cons:It takes forever to get your coins. Sometimes it takes the whole 24 hrs or you have to repost the card. If they get faster service and they would have 5 stars for me and they would be a top site!!
    Jan-14-2020, 22:14:09 PST
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    Takes a bit for the coins but they came through!
    Jan-12-2020, 15:45:12 PST
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    The prices are really reasonable...and they deliver coins very fast if you have ordered like 1-2 M. But they complete the order as per the expected time that they say. I was told 48 hours and my job was done within 12 hours.
    Jan-12-2020, 01:52:49 PST
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    Amazing ...Legit Sellers...500% Trusted.
    Jan-12-2020, 01:50:45 PST
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    Jan-10-2020, 18:11:48 PST
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    Very cheap and fast
    Jan-04-2020, 15:45:29 PST
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    Coins take long to get and I was starting to get afraid that they might not come, however they did come last hour 
    Jan-03-2020, 09:28:52 PST
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    Super easy. Super fast. Super stoked
    Jan-03-2020, 05:10:49 PST
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    Great prices but it takes a bit of time. Overall it is the best place to buy madden coins
    Dec-29-2019, 16:49:42 PST
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    True. Real. Fast.  Stoked 
    Dec-27-2019, 21:19:54 PST
  • Justin Allen
    My order took a while, but it was completed. I really thought I was getting scammed, turns out that this is the cheapest and they get the job done.
    Dec-27-2019, 11:32:20 PST
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    This site works
    Dec-27-2019, 00:44:53 PST
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    I love it
    Dec-26-2019, 23:21:06 PST
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    100% LEGIT, i was worried i got scammed because they did take a while but i just got all my coins so happy customer 
    Dec-26-2019, 21:56:09 PST
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    Took an hour for 900k but my friend’s is taking 6 hours and counting
    Dec-26-2019, 15:37:53 PST
  • Kevin Silva
    Good prices but take soo long!
    Dec-26-2019, 15:32:34 PST
  • Ashton Johnson
    Best coin buying website there is. Every other website has shady reviews or are way overpriced. I will continue to use this website for the foreseeable future. They have always delivered, sometimes short sometimes a little longer but you cant beat the price and also knowing that you are not getting scammed.
    Dec-26-2019, 11:32:41 PST
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    takes a while but legit 
    Dec-25-2019, 20:27:04 PST
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    It takes a while but is the cheapest so good
    Dec-25-2019, 10:17:49 PST
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    Great service. Sometimes have to contact them if it takes a little while to get my coins, but I don't mind
    Dec-24-2019, 08:05:43 PST
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    But it’s cheep though
    Dec-24-2019, 06:59:24 PST
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    I going to come back and get 500k
    Dec-21-2019, 15:55:55 PST
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    Legit but sometimes quick sometimes slow
    Dec-20-2019, 14:06:07 PST
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    I paid and not even 5 minutes later I get a call from them amazing service
    Dec-19-2019, 21:02:31 PST
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    U good
    Dec-18-2019, 16:48:55 PST
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    Hands down best service I’ve ever used! 
    Dec-17-2019, 05:26:47 PST
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    Super legit. Got 2 mili delivered within an hour. Great service thanks guys 
    Dec-14-2019, 22:08:02 PST
  • Josh Smith
    100% legit definitely worth getting your coins here as opposed to ripping hundreds of dollars worth packs and getting absolutely nothing will be coming back!!
    Dec-07-2019, 12:47:24 PST
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    "Just be patient"
    Dec-06-2019, 21:36:25 PST
    They are awesome and quick . I bought lot of times here they are so nice with customer. Sometimes delivery take long but overall it is the best site with cheap price. 5star
    Dec-06-2019, 04:38:45 PST
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    Fast and great prices coins! I’ve bought over 5 million coins total and only had one issue. Just try to avoid ordering on holidays as they tend to get busy and overloaded with orders. But other than that they are very fast.
    Dec-05-2019, 00:57:24 PST
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    Legit, and gets you coins with an hour
    Dec-01-2019, 19:15:07 PST
  • Brody Pittman
    Bought from them multiple times and it is 100% real and very efficient. Definitely recommend buying the cheap mut coins although it may take a few hours to receive them.
    Nov-29-2019, 10:00:27 PST
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    Cheapest you’ll find. I looked at many by far the cheapest here. 10 dollars here is around 170k and 10 dollars other places is like 50k. The only negative is the delivery process. Takes a little for the card to be purchased but it’s worth it
    Nov-26-2019, 10:43:44 PST
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    100% legit. Great costumer service.
    Nov-25-2019, 07:14:02 PST
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    False alarm I got my coins it just took some hours lol 
    Nov-21-2019, 19:48:39 PST
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