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    Was hesitant at first but said why not and paid off 100% Thanks for the great service!
    Aug-03-2020, 20:19:33 PST
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    Fast safe very cheap! Was surprised on how fast I got 1.5 mil and how cheap it was! Will use in future thanks mmoexp!!!!
    Aug-03-2020, 01:05:15 PST
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    Was skeptical about the legitimacy of the site just because of the price but coins were delivered fast and the correct amount. 
    Jun-30-2020, 21:04:53 PST
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    Site is legit but it takes a very long time to receive some things [like VC for 2k] but always come through. I recently ordered some VC and it took me a couple days to receive it...Yeah days. Either way Consider me a satisfied customer.
    Jun-29-2020, 22:22:22 PST
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    Great service and the cheapest coins.
    Jun-28-2020, 17:40:49 PST
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    Purchased for the first time this year for Madden 20 and NBA2k20 and they are GREAT!!!  

    Not just once, but over 15 times that I purchased 1M coins or MT per time. All delivered in a reasonable timeframe. 

    Will keep on buying from them over the Points pack system.
    Jun-27-2020, 17:36:14 PST
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    Very reliable very quick 
    Jun-24-2020, 21:14:55 PST
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    Love you guys
    Jun-24-2020, 00:49:26 PST
  • Emad Samha
    Very good
    Jun-22-2020, 18:29:36 PST
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    I’m addicted honestly
    Jun-19-2020, 13:28:29 PST
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    Quick, easy, and very cheap. Used this service 3 times and no problems what so ever, 5 Stars.
    Jun-13-2020, 14:36:21 PST
  • Denis Myakishev
    Quick order completion, I recommend it! This isn't the first time I've taken it.
    Jun-10-2020, 00:06:05 PST
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    Most definitely legit
    Jun-09-2020, 15:20:04 PST
  • Philip McClinton
    Got my 800k coins real fast on my first buy legit site
    Jun-08-2020, 07:53:17 PST
  • Greg Brannon
    Great and quick service every time
    Jun-07-2020, 01:54:29 PST
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    They got me my coins no problem! Might take a little but u will get your coins
    Jun-04-2020, 01:24:14 PST
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    Jun-03-2020, 14:05:41 PST
  • Gilberto Soto
    Real cheap man I've spent over 100 bucks for about 2 mil. That's quite cheap most of the time it's fast it depends on the amount the bigger the amount,the longer they take. But they always get there highly recommend
    Jun-01-2020, 04:49:54 PST
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    This is the market the thing you buy comes in 2 hours and it’s cheap 
    May-31-2020, 19:41:38 PST
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    No scam
    May-31-2020, 09:55:43 PST
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    May-30-2020, 17:48:34 PST
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    Buy 1,200,000 coins very fast delivery nice..
    May-28-2020, 19:29:29 PST
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    I bought 1.5 million coins. Got it in under 10 minutes. Best website for cheap and reliable mut coins. 100% legit and best coin website
    May-27-2020, 11:26:39 PST
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    Thanks, 10 minutes all good
    May-23-2020, 18:16:54 PST
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    This is the most legit website with the best prices 
    May-23-2020, 11:09:17 PST
  • Max Cohen
    Vady good fast and reliable 
    May-22-2020, 16:25:44 PST
  • Shiloh Nobriga
    Best website I have ever used. Not a scam. Website is legit and I got coins quickly. 
    May-22-2020, 16:20:35 PST
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    Took 15 mins top not a scam 
    May-21-2020, 18:01:49 PST
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    bought 600k first time got in about 15 minutes pretty good but second time i bought 1.2 mil and am still waiting at over an hour and a half. confident it will still go through:)

    May-21-2020, 06:37:57 PST
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    May-18-2020, 14:45:59 PST
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    Cheapest coins on the market and super reliable, I will definitely be coming back.
    May-17-2020, 13:42:06 PST
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    Not a scam have bought millions of coins.
    May-15-2020, 20:41:29 PST
  • Brandon Pottinger
    May-14-2020, 11:20:51 PST
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    This works and it’s so much cheaper than other websites! 10/10. 5 stars for sure
    May-12-2020, 16:18:35 PST
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    Fast cheap coins
    May-11-2020, 12:41:02 PST
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    I did not mean to right the comment below. I just got my coins not a scam.
    May-10-2020, 23:45:11 PST
  • Michael Vincent
    got my 1.5mil coin in 15 minutes. love this site.
    May-09-2020, 17:59:23 PST
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    May-08-2020, 22:44:48 PST
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    Coins were great
    May-08-2020, 22:44:13 PST
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    Cheapest coins on the market so i thought it was a scam but it wasnt, highly recommended.
    May-07-2020, 20:11:46 PST
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