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Are you seeking a job for your real life? Are you satisfied with your current job? Do you want to develop yourself at the bigger stage? MMOexp is recruiting the Worldwide SEO Elite & Google Ads Expert all around the year. We also welcome the professional ones join our team with the forms of cooperation. Would you be interested in either one?
  • Responsibilities and Requirements:

    1.Keyword Research and Analysis: Responsible for conducting in-depth keyword research, identifying potential search opportunities, and analyzing competitors' strategies.

    2.Website Optimization: Optimize website content, structure, and layout to improve search engine rankings. Ensure the website adheres to best SEO practices.

    3.Link Building: Develop and implement high-quality internal and external link-building strategies to increase the website's authority and credibility.

    4.Analysis and Reporting: Utilize SEO and analytics tools to track and report on key performance indicators, making data-driven decisions.

    5.Technical SEO: Ensure the website's technical aspects meet search engine requirements, including page speed, mobile-friendliness, and more.


    1.Minimum of 3 years of SEO experience with a track record of successful case studies.

    2.Familiarity with search engine algorithms and best practices, including Google, Bing, and others.

    3.Proficiency in using SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, and others.

    4.Strong data analysis and reporting skills, with the ability to make decisions based on data.

    5.Excellent communication and teamwork skills, capable of collaborating with various teams.

    6.Passion and curiosity for digital marketing and web technology.

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  • Your responsibilities will include:

    1.Campaign Strategy: Develop and execute effective Google Ads strategies tailored to each client's unique goals.

    2.Keyword Research: Conduct in-depth keyword research to identify opportunities for driving quality traffic and conversions.

    3.Ad Copywriting: Create compelling ad copy that engages audiences and maximizes click-through rates.

    4.Budget Management: Monitor and optimize campaign budgets to ensure efficient spending and ROI.

    5.Performance Analysis: Analyze campaign performance data to identify trends and make data-driven decisions.

    6.Client Communication: Collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs and provide regular updates on campaign progress.


    1.Google Ads Certification: Possess Google Ads certifications to demonstrate your expertise.

    2.Experience: Proven experience in managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns across various industries.

    3.Analytical Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to interpret data and make informed decisions.

    4.Communication: Excellent communication skills to interact effectively with clients and team members.

    5.Creativity: A creative mindset to develop innovative ad campaigns.

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  • Job Responsibilities:

    Responsible for processing online orders on the game trading platform.


    1.Education level is not limited; ability is the primary consideration.

    2.Candidates with customer service or online gaming experience are preferred.

    3.Proficiency in office software and fast typing speed are required.

    4.Must be able to work shifts, including day and night shifts.

    Compensation and Benefits:

    1.Salary ranging from 4000 to 8000 with stable income. The company provides free employee meals with three dishes and one soup.

    2.Company-provided accommodation.

    3.Company offers free high-quality staff meals, taxi subsidies, five social insurance benefits, employee outings, holiday benefits, occasional team dinners, and team-building activities.

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  • Job Responsibilities:

    1.Provide end-to-end customer service including pre-sales, during-sales, and after-sales support to customers through online communication software, email, or telephone. Accepts candidates with no experience, including recent graduates.

    2.Basic English language requirement: CET-4, CET-6, or higher, with fluent typing and communication skills.

    3.Strong English language organization and oral expression skills are preferred for recruitment.

    Salary and Schedule:

    1.Night shifts are required.

    ● Morning Shift: 7 AM - 3 PM

    ● Afternoon Shift: 3 PM - 11 PM

    ● Night Shift: 11 PM - 7 AM

    ● (Three shifts rotate, work 6 days and have 2 days off)

    ● 2 morning shifts, 2 afternoon shifts, 2 night shifts, with 2 days off.

    ● You can adjust your schedule if necessary, providing flexibility.

    2.Probationary period: 1-6 months (possible to convert to permanent employment quickly, as early as 1-2 months). Upon conversion, you can enjoy performance bonuses, comprehensive compensation of 6,000-7,000+ with social insurance and night shift allowance.

    3.Benefits include social insurance, annual birthday card, holiday bonuses, seniority rewards, full attendance rewards, team-building activities, opportunities for promotion, and free meals and accommodation (accommodation located next to the company, within walking distance).

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  • Game Operator

    1.Computer-based promotion, primarily responsible for power leveling overseas game accounts.The work is simple and easy to learn, suitable for individuals who enjoy playing games.

    2.High school education or higher, good physical health, no adverse habits, and the ability to adapt to night shifts are preferred.

    3.Work schedule: 6 days on, 1 day off, with two shifts - 8 AM to 8 PM and 8 PM to 8 AM.Long-term stability is a priority; serious candidates only.


    1.During the internship period: Varied, starting at 3,300 (including night shift allowance).After probation: Varied, starting at 4,100 (including night shift allowance) with performance-based commissions.

    2.After conversion, salary ranges from 4,500 to 6,500, with department-wide periodic salary adjustments.

    3.Conversion period: 1 to 6 months (typically can convert in as little as 1.2 months).

    4.The work is simple and easy.

    Position Benefits:

    ● Social insurance.

    ● Year-end double salary.

    ● Performance bonuses.

    ● Full attendance awards.

    ● Free meals and accommodation.

    ● Flexible working hours.

    ● Paid annual leave.

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  • Job Responsibilities:

    1.Responsible for the design and development of core modules in the backend system of the company's web products.

    2.Responsible for the maintenance, optimization, and development of new features for existing system modules.

    3.Responsible for requirements analysis for new projects, database design, and system design. Write development documents, database design documents, and other related technical documents. Carry out detailed design and code development for specific modules based on the system design documents.

    4.Solve technical problems encountered during team development, continuously drive product innovation and process optimization, and respond efficiently to the needs of various departments.

    5.Prior experience in independent or collaborative development of e-commerce B2C/C2C platforms is a plus.


    1.Bachelor's degree or higher in a computer-related field with at least 3 years of practical project development experience.

    2.Proficiency in PHP, familiarity with the ThinkPHP framework, and knowledge of the Composer package management tool.

    3.Proficiency in backend development with LAMP stack, familiarity with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Vue, and other related web frontend technologies.

    4.Proficient in object-oriented principles and object-oriented programming.

    5.Proficiency in MySQL database with the ability for database design and optimization.Familiarity with Git.

    6.Possess good coding habits, including clear structure, standard naming conventions, strong logic, and low code redundancy.

    7.Able to quickly understand business requirements and manage large-scale, complex business systems to improve overall business operational efficiency.

    8.Strong logical thinking, good learning ability, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and teamwork capabilities.

    Benefits Package:

    Salary Range: 7,000 - 15,000 (Negotiable, specifics to be discussed), with no overtime required, and includes two meals.

    Position Benefits:

    ● Five social insurance benefits (health, pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity).

    ● Year-end double salary.

    ● Performance bonuses.

    ● Full attendance awards.

    ● Free meals.

    ● Holiday benefits.

    ● Birthday benefits.

    ● Paid annual leave.

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  • Job Requirements:

    1.A degree equivalent to a college diploma or higher in a computer-related field with 1-3 years or more of work experience.

    2.Familiarity with and understanding of web development principles, basic knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, proficiency in JavaScript, ES6, AJAX, and webpack technologies.

    3.Experience in developing at least one live project using Vue or React.

    4.Understanding of browser compatibility and some knowledge of responsive web development, with a basic understanding of module design.

    5.Prior experience in HTML5 game development is a plus.

    6.Proficient in using version control tools like Git.

    7.Familiarity with or knowledge of Java and PHP is a plus.

    8.Strong communication and expression skills, clear thinking, and a strong sense of responsibility.

    Job Description:

    1.Design and implement front-end requirements for all company products, and participate in the creation of design documents.

    2.Optimize code based on design graphics provided by UI designers and ensure good compatibility across various browsers.

    3.Collaborate with backend developers to implement product interfaces and functionalities.

    4.Maintain completed pages and optimize website front-end performance accordingly.

    5.Solve technical and business challenges encountered during project development and complete web front-end development work with high quality.

    Benefits Package:

    Salary Range: 7,000 - 15,000 (Negotiable, specifics to be discussed), with no overtime required, and includes two meals.

    Position Benefits:

    ● Five social insurance benefits (health, pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity).

    ● Year-end double salary.

    ● Performance bonuses.

    ● Full attendance awards.

    ● Free meals.

    ● Holiday benefits.

    ● Paid annual leave.

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  • Partnership

    The Actual forms of cooperation:

    ● We provide you a selling-service website.

    ● You promote the website with your Tech including SEO, Google Ads, SNS promo etc.

    ● We provide the full services ( Before sale-Middle sale-After sale )

    ● Then you enjoy the huge profits share, eg 5:5

    No matter what country are you from, you can work with us together as long as you have the ability and faith in this. Looking forward to your participation!

  • Contact For Jobs

    QQ: 2881520287

    Email: business@mmoexp.com