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Buy Elden Ring Runes

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  • 50 M
    Elden Ring PS 50 M Runes
    $ 24.95
  • 60 M
    Elden Ring PS 60 M Runes
    $ 29.94
  • 80 M
    Elden Ring PS 80 M Runes
    $ 39.92
  • 100 M
    Elden Ring PS 100 M Runes
    $ 49.90
  • 150 M
    Elden Ring PS 150 M Runes
    $ 74.85
  • 200 M
    Elden Ring PS 200 M Runes
    $ 99.80
  • 300 M
    Elden Ring PS 300 M Runes
    $ 149.70
  • 400 M
    Elden Ring PS 400 M Runes
    $ 199.60
  • 500 M
    Elden Ring PS 500 M Runes
    $ 249.50
  • 600 M
    Elden Ring PS 600 M Runes
    $ 299.40
  • 800 M
    Elden Ring PS 800 M Runes
    $ 399.20
  • 1000 M
    Elden Ring PS 1000 M Runes
    $ 499.00
  • 1500 M
    Elden Ring PS 1500 M Runes
    $ 748.50
  • 2000 M
    Elden Ring PS 2000 M Runes
    $ 998.00
  • 2500 M
    Elden Ring PS 2500 M Runes
    $ 1,247.50
  • 3000 M
    Elden Ring PS 3000 M Runes
    $ 1,497.00

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What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game played in a third-person perspective with gameplay focusing on combat and exploration. Players of Elden Ring start with a linear opening but eventually progress to freely explore the Lands Between, including its six main areas, as well as castles, fortresses, and catacombs scattered throughout the open world map. These main areas are interconnected through a central hub that players can access later in the game's progression—similar to Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls—and are explorable using the character's mount as the main mode of transport.

What are Elden Ring Runes?

As all Elden Ring players know that Runes are the main currency of Elden Ring. Much like Souls in previous souls titles, Runes act as the XP and purchasing currency at vendors within The Lands Between. Players will lose their Runes upon death, and a "bloodstain" is generated at the place of defeat.

What is the best way to get Elden Ring runes?

For Elden Ring, if you don't have many runes when you feel it's time for an upgrade, you'll need to go farm for some. The best way to farm for runes in Elden Ring is incredibly easy and doesn't require you to fight enemies at all, though you will need to have unlocked your mount, Torrent, by finding. Get on your mount and begin heading down that path.

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