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  • Game Night Crows
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What is Night Crows?

Night Crows is an Unreal Engine 5 fantasy game developed by Wemade Co. Ltd and MADNGINE that was released on mobile platforms as well as PC later this year. Pre-registration rewards include a growth chest, 500k gold pieces, a new event, and a silver wolf mount, while mobile pre-registration will receive a Black Wings cosmetic.

The game features 4 classes with 8 sub classes and 3 class advancement stages. The game intends to have huge PvP wars where three servers take part in a RvRvR battle with more than a thousand players, all of which will be able to battle for control of the land and air, as players will be able to take to the sky using gliders. As you can expect with a name like Night Crows, gliders play a very important part in the gameplay, and are meant as both a fun way to traverse the world as well as a strategic battle option.

What Are Night Crows Diamonds And How To Get Them?

Diamonds are the primary currency in Night Crows. Diamonds can be used to mint Crows Tokens, but to get them you will need to participate in tons of time-consuming in-game activities and tasks This, of course, would be the hard way to obtain Diamonds and the easy way is our Night Crows Diamonds service! Here you can get as many Diamonds as you want safely, quickly, and for a reasonable price!

Players can also obtain Night Crows Diamonds by completing various tasks or activities in the game or by exchanging your own items or other currencies with other players.

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