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10 Tips for Aspiring Night Crows Adventurers

May-14-2024 PST Night Crows

Welcome to Night Crows, embarking on the journey into the mystical realm of Night Crows is both thrilling and daunting, filled with challenges and discoveries waiting to be unearthed. As you set forth on your quest, here are 10 invaluable insights that I wish I had known before delving into the depths of this mesmerizing world.

10 Tips for Aspiring Night Crows Adventurers

1. Streamlining Quest Navigation: Long-pressing an active quest enables swift navigation directly to the quest menu, saving precious time and clicks. A small adjustment that yields significant convenience during your adventures.

2. Optimizing Skill Combos: Mastering the art of setting up skill combos ensures that your character utilizes abilities on cooldown efficiently. By selecting auto-use and configuring active abilities, you unleash your character's full potential in combat.

3. Utilizing Buffs Strategically: Vigilance is key when utilizing buffs, ensuring they aren't wasted during moments of inactivity. Reserve them for dungeons where their effects amplify your prowess, maximizing their utility.

4. Exploring Special Dungeons: Uncover the hidden tab dedicated to special dungeons, granting 10 additional hours weekly for crafting ingredient farming. A treasure trove for resource accumulation essential for your journey's progression.

5. Enhancement Scroll Allocation: Allocate enhancement scrolls wisely, reserving them for green or uncommon gear to avoid squandering resources on equipment quickly replaced by story progression.

6. Quest Efficiency: Strategize quest completion by intertwining main storyline and daily quests simultaneously. Optimize time management by focusing on side quests after daily quest resets, maximizing efficiency in each region. This is the most effective way for you to get resources and Night Crows Diamonds.

7. Unveiling Hidden Crows: Embark on the hunt for hidden crows scattered across the map, unlocking coveted rewards such as mounts or weapon style summons. A testament to the rewards of exploration and keen observation.

8. Artifact Enhancement Strategy: When enhancing artifacts, prioritize pumping up lower-level ones first to mitigate potential setbacks in power progression. A calculated approach to ensure steady advancement without setbacks.

9. Class Advancements and Crafting Professions: Plan ahead for class advancements at levels 30, 45, and 55, and initiate crafting professions upon reaching level 35. Unlocking these milestones broadens your capabilities and opportunities within the realm.

10. Understanding Summoning Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with summoning mechanics, recognizing the absence of a pity system for normal summons. Exercise caution and discernment, especially regarding combinations and summon types, to optimize your summoning endeavors.

Armed with these insights, may you embark on your Night Crows odyssey with newfound confidence and clarity. Embrace the challenges, savor the victories, and may your path be illuminated by the radiant glow of knowledge and perseverance. Until we meet again under the moonlit skies of Night Crows, may your adventures be filled with wonder and triumph.

MMOexp Night Crows Team