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Top Classes in Night Crows

Apr-30-2024 PST Night Crows

In the bustling realm of Night Crows, adventurers come in all shapes and sizes, each wielding their unique set of skills and abilities. But which classes reign supreme in the ever-shifting landscape of this virtual world? By analyzing the top 300 players on the leaderboard, we can glean insights into the most dominant classes that currently hold sway over the game.

Top Classes in Night Crows

The Spearman's Dominance

At the forefront of the rankings stands the stalwart Spearman, boasting an impressive presence with 82 representatives among the elite top 300. This formidable class commands over 27% of the leaderboard, showcasing its prowess in both offense and defense.

Archers Take Aim

Following closely behind are the skilled Archers, comprising 7 individuals or roughly 25% of the top echelon. With their precision and ranged attacks, these marksmen prove to be formidable adversaries on the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of their foes.

Great Sword Mastery

The resounding clang of great swords echoes through the ranks, as 43 warriors wield these mighty weapons with finesse. Representing approximately 14% of the top players, these formidable swordsmen cleave through their enemies with unmatched strength and skill.

Assassins Lurk in the Shadows

Stealthy and deadly, the backstabbing Assassins make their mark with 40 members among the elite, comprising nearly 13.3% of the top ranks. Masters of subterfuge and surprise, these shadowy figures strike swiftly and decisively, leaving their enemies reeling in their wake.

Healers Provide Vital Support

Though fewer in number, the indispensable Healers play a crucial role on the battlefield, with 24 individuals accounting for 8% of the top players. Their ability to mend wounds and bolster allies proves invaluable in the heat of combat, ensuring the survival of their comrades.

Mages Weave Arcane Spells

Harnessing the raw power of magic, 21 Mages commandeer the ranks with their arcane prowess, representing approximately 7% of the top players. With spells that can devastate foes from afar, these spellcasters wield immense potential in shaping the outcome of battles.

Dual Sword Wielders

A select few, numbering only 9 individuals or 3% of the top ranks, demonstrate the rare mastery of wielding dual swords. With unparalleled agility and precision, these dual-wielding warriors carve a path of destruction through their adversaries.

Sword and Shield Guardians

Finally, a small but stalwart group of 4 individuals, comprising 1.3% of the top players, don the mantle of the sword and shield, standing as steadfast guardians on the front lines of battle. Their resilience and unwavering defense provide a bulwark against the tide of enemies.


As the top classes in Night Crows emerge from the crucible of competition, each brings its unique strengths and strategies to the fore. From the steadfast Spearman to the elusive Assassin, from the arcane might of the Mage to the stalwart guardianship of the Sword and Shield, the diversity of classes adds depth and richness to the game's dynamic landscape. Whether you seek glory in battle or wish to support your allies, there is a class suited to your playstyle and preferences. So, buy Night Crows Diamonds cheap on mmoexp.com, build your top classes in Night Crows, happy in game.

MMOexp Night Crows Team