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A Guide to Level 40-45 in Night Crows

May-09-2024 PST Night Crows

Embarking on the journey from level 40 to 45 in Night Crows can be both daunting and exhilarating. With the right strategies and tips, however, you can navigate this phase with confidence and efficiency. In this guide, we'll delve into the key tactics and approaches to maximize your progress during these crucial levels.

1. Strengthening Your Arsenal

- Focus on increasing your ACC (Attack Combat Power) to at least 190, preferably reaching 200 with buffs. Completing main quests up to Chapter 30 is pivotal for this.

- Engage in side quests diligently, as they not only grant valuable experience but also provide significant rewards.

- Don't underestimate the importance of daily quests. They offer essential buffs like PVE damage and ACC, which greatly aid in leveling up.

2. Daily Rituals for Progression

- Prioritize dungeon runs and aim to complete them at maximum efficiency. Utilize food buffs and solo farming whenever possible to optimize your experience gain.

- Consider purchasing items from the market, such as XP boosters, to expedite your leveling process.

- Special dungeons, especially those at higher levels, offer substantial AP rewards and should not be overlooked.

3. Strategic Approaches for AFK Farming

- While Battle Front may seem enticing for AFK farming, be cautious of PvP encounters. Choose safer zones like corners or secluded areas to minimize risks.

- Select AFK maps based on your CP (Combat Power) and farming speed. Zones like 36, 39, and 41 are recommended for their balance of safety and efficiency.

- Leverage buffs obtained from daily quests to enhance your AFK farming results.

4. Crafting a Powerful Character Profile

- Strategize your CP growth by investing in high-level Codex and selling lower-level ones. This approach optimizes your stat distribution and overall combat prowess.

- Allocate resources to skill upgrades wisely, prioritizing white and green skills for maximum effectiveness.

- Participate in rankings to unlock additional benefits and rewards, further boosting your character's capabilities.

A Guide to Level 40-45 in Night Crows

By implementing these tips and strategies, you can streamline your journey through the pivotal levels of Night Crows, get Night Crows Diamonds and items faster.. Remember to stay persistent, adapt to challenges, and enjoy the progression as you ascend to mastery under the cover of night. Happy hunting, and may the Night Crows guide your path to greatness!

MMOexp Night Crows Team