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MMOEXP.com has gained loyal stable clients already through these years' hard working at good reputation and great service. The loyal customers firstly registered an account at MMOEXP then keep using the account to purchase on our website. Thus their MMOEXP account could gain a lot of consumption points. More Points you gained, Much Higher your VIP level will be.

How to be a VIP Member at MMOEXP?

(1) Click Sign Up to register an account and log in the account to purchase every time.

(2) Spend more money, Receive more consumption points.

(3) VIP member level high or not is depending how much you spent at MMOEXP.

What can you enjoy when you are VIP Member at MMOEXP?

(1) Priori Service: MMOEXP VIP members have the priority to get served fastly.

(2) One-to-One Service: MMOEXP VIP members can enjoy the One-to-One service.

(3) Instant Refund: MMOEXP VIP members can get the refund instantly if the delivery is not done.

(4) Consumption USD=Consumption Points: The dollars you consumed on MMOEXP will be your member points. 100 points=1USD.

(5) Consumption Points can be used as Cash: MMOEXP VIP members can use Consumption Points instead of Cash to Purchase Product from us. Cash coupon can be used while placing an order, which helps you save much money.

(6) VIP Member automatic discount: Different VIP level enjoys different discount rate automatically while purchasing with your MMOEXP account. Details as below:

VIP Level VIP Icon Consumption Points VIP Discount
Unregistered No 0 0%
VIP0 V0 0 0.5%
VIP1 V1 500 1%
VIP2 V2 2000 2%
VIP3 V3 5000 3%
VIP4 V4 8000 4%
VIP5 V5 10000 5%

You have to know as a MMOEXP VIP Member

(1) 100 consumption points=$1USD Cash coupon.

(2) You can use the cash coupon to consume when place an order.

(3) You're allowed to use the cash coupon of 20% of the total amount order Maximally.

(4) Your points consumption wont affect your VIP status.

(5) Regular Coupon code, Cash Coupon, VIP member automatic discount, either of them could not be used at the same time.