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Building the Ultimate Squad Mastering FUT in EA Sports FC 24

Jul-06-2023 PST EA Sports FC

Unlock your true potential and become a Squad Master in EA Sports FC 24 with this must-have guide to mastering FUT!

The newest instalment in the series of the most well-known and widely played football simulation video games corresponds to EA Sports FC 24. One of the most well-liked ways to play the game is referred to as FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT for short. Players of FUT are able to create their own teams, compete against other players online, and work their way through the rankings of the game.

The formation of a winning team in FUT, on the other hand, calls on a mix of ability, strategy, and even a little bit of chance. In this article, we will give you valuable guidance that you can use to build the best possible team and become an expert in FUT in FIFA 24.

Choosing the Right Formation

The first thing you need to do when putting up a winning team in FIFA 24 is choose the appropriate formation. The kind of play that your team employs on the field will be determined in large part by the formation that you choose.

Building a Balanced Squad

After you have decided on your formation, the next thing you need to do is build a balanced team. A well-balanced team has members who each bring a unique set of skills to the table, yet those skills work well together. It would be best if you had a combination of offensive and defensive players in addition to guys who can play a variety of roles.

It is also essential to have players that get along well with one another since this will help your team work better together out on the field. You may acquire players in FIFA 24 via a variety of methods, including purchasing them on the transfer market, opening packs, or completing Squad Building Challenges, often known as SBCs.

Paying Attention to Stats and Attributes

It is very necessary to pay close attention to the statistics and characteristics of the players you get from the pack opening or the transfer market. In FIFA 24, each player has a variety of traits that together affect how successful they are on the field. Look for athletes that have excellent ratings in the aspects of their game that are absolutely necessary for their position.

If you are searching for a striker, for instance, you should search for a guy that has strong shooting and dribbling metrics. If you want a defender, you should search for a guy that has excellent defence and physical attributes. You may also make use of the search options that are available in the transfer market to narrow down your search and identify players that meet your requirements.

Completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

In FIFA Ultimate Team, participating in Squad Building Challenges, often known as SBCs, is an excellent method to recruit new players and accumulate prizes. You are required to submit a team that satisfies a set of conditions in order to compete in SBCs. These requirements may include having players from a certain league or country. SBCs aren't always easy to finish, but when you do, the benefits are usually well worth the effort. You have the opportunity to win coins, packs, and even unique player cards that are not currently for sale on the transfer market.

Strategies for Excelling at FUT in FIFA 24

Build a squad with high chemistry

Chemistry is very important in FIFA Ultimate Team, and a team with much of it will perform better on the field. Find other players from the same country, play in the same league, or belong to the same club to improve team chemistry.

Utilize custom tactics

Custom tactics allow you to change the playing style of your team so that it is more in line with that of your opponent. Experiment with a variety of individualized strategies until you locate the one that serves your purposes the finest.

Use player instructions

Utilizing player instructions enables you to tailor how your players act when they are on the field.

Invest in the right players

Making the correct investments in your players may have a significant impact on the overall success of your team. Keep an eye out for players who are in good shape, who have tremendous potential, or who are undervalued.

Participate in online tournaments

Participating in online tournaments is a fantastic opportunity to put your squad to the test and win prizes. You may hone your abilities and increase your chances of winning substantial prizes by competing in tournaments held online.

Watch and learn from pro players

For the best instruction, watch and learn from the pros that play this game. Observing other players and breaking down how they play may teach you new skills, methods, and tactics to use in your own games.

Maintain vigilance over the market

The transfer market in FIFA 24 is ever-evolving, and the prices of players are subject to change. Always keep an eye on the market so you know when to acquire players to save coins and when to sell them to earn a profit.

Keep your squad up to date

Maintain a current team by ensuring that all of its members have the most recent player cards and other available updates. Maintaining an up-to-date team as new player cards are always introduced into the game might offer you an advantage over your rivals.

Final Thoughts

In the FIFA 24 mode, known as FUT, putting together the best team possible needs a mix of ability, strategy, and a little luck. If you follow the recommendation provided in this article, you will be able to build a team suited to your play style and prepared to face any challenger.