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​Fallout 76: Assuredly had a abounding day's session

Jun-22-2019 PST Fallout 76

Finally had a abounding day's session, was a appealing acceptable day.

Started out with the aforementioned affairs as accepted weapon runs for steel/caps. The night afore we came into a blend amount of advance that bare to be angry into ammo.

Heart of the adversary and bivs circadian quests went off afterwards a hitch. Decided to dig some mire abundance maps iv been hoarding.

In my way to the 2nd map I encountered one of the best fights I accept had in a continued time, I spawned at Hopewell and went south to go about the abundance and biking east.

As I'm branch up the acropolis a broiled came active down the hill, he was getting chased by the aboriginal sheepsquatch I accept encountered in the wild. Was a lvl 80 3*.

So I went to plan on it, a band of broiled showed up, forth with 2 SBs a 65 and a 50. It in fact angry into a nice continued action and for the aboriginal time in a while I was absolutely aflame for the end.

After assuredly acquisition aggregate including a 91 afterlife law that spawned I analysis my loot, low and bolt a 3* assassins action shotgun, does me no acceptable but that's the best bead I accept had in a while.

So off to the abundance website I go, I'm about center there if I get hit and staggered from behind, I about-face about and there's a antagonistic moth an, able-bodied abuse the luck, adequately simple annihilate but I adulation the moth an appearances.

I dig my treasure, annihilation account acquainted except a PA plan I didn't have.

Leaving the website to arch to the next, I usually run these address on foot, there's the amethyst afterglow I accept alone apparent once, Flatwoods monster! Annihilate it and boodle it.

After a server hop to displace these 3 maps, I'm Otw to the 2nd one, and boom, addition sheepsquatch, afterwards a abbreviate fight, I boodle it for a 2* cloaking apprentice arm.

After my address I accomplishment my cap run, aces up some affairs i didn't have.

Check bell-ringer camps and assuredly begin some serum recipes. Bought bird basic as its the a lot of accepted out of the 3 available.

"Death from above", analysis the map, queen bomb, actual poor placement. Arch down, a agglomeration of low levels, continuing on the buildings, cutting her in the air, etc etc, accomplishing aggregate amiss in every way. I adjudge not to decay my ammo and go collect Flux. Made a nice scattering and got some scrip legendaries from broiled enemies.

Server hop, all is traveling well, "death from above", analysis map, queen again, able-bodied so it was declared to be. Nuke was placed with the accustomed abysm placed at the actual south east edge, basically nuked the amiss website and nuked watoga.

After that I went to my camp, did some crafting and alleged it a night. Yesterday was a acceptable day.