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​How to control yourself during the LNY occasion

Mar-15-2021 PST FIFA Mobile


- Look back on your most fortunate minutes, except if you have some Messi level ability for being unfortunate I trust You've stuffed some crazy player or killed some crazy player for inexpensively.

- Go outside for a walk or something.

- Scream in your cushion, call your dear companion and shout at them

- Search for tips inside this reddit

- I discovered controlling the protectors myself better at that point letting the AI auto guard. Try to run.

- Use a quick winger run down the wing and cross spam

- When doing the VSA games intend to finish in 1-2 attempts and focus on those first endeavors, else you begin to lose it and begin to play most exceedingly terrible.

- Before going into the ability game, take full breaths and quiet yourself.

- If proficient players need to take profession evolving punishments, you can do EA's hopeless hard expertise games as well.

- Grab a towel and wipe your hands in the event that they start to perspire, you would prefer not to miss click.

What not to do:

- Look at others pack karma, pull, get nothing and feel like crap. I committed this error during the TOTY Messi chain pack and utilized all that I had on the messi pack just to break my clock.

- Once you finish it and don't circumvent getting down on others for being noobs or being awful. For screw purpose on the off chance that you complete it be cheerful not screwing annoy others. (coordinated to the failure who was calling ppl out)

Heres how I control myself after I messed up twice on the last hub 2 days back and yesterday.

Anybody know whether I can in any case get Chiesa with missing the last two hubs twice in the event that I have 7.5k diamonds and like 20-30 dolllars?

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