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How to LEVEL UP the Competitive Pass FAST in Madden 24

Nov-13-2023 PST Madden 24

Season one of the Competitive pass in Madden 24 was released on August 18, and it brings various new rewards for players. But the most exciting rewards of the competitive pass are two exclusive cards. To get these cards, you have to complete objectives by playing matches in the given game modes. In previous Madden titles, the Competitive pass was available for some time, but it will be available for the complete season in Madden 24. Follow this guide to quickly level up the competitive pass guide in Madden 24 and get those exclusive player cards.

How to LEVEL UP the Competitive Pass FAST in Madden 24

How to level up the Competitive Pass fast?

The title of the competitive pass is a hint for players who want to level up fast as they can play competitive matches. For this season's pass, you need to complete games and win matches in different game modes, including Head-to-head matches, Solo matches, and MUT matches. Two online modes and one offline mode are available to get experience points and progress in the past. The easiest method to get stats for the pass is by playing solo matches, as you'll be playing against AI.

The MUT champion is the most competitive mode, but it's totally worth playing this mode as you'll get way more experience points. The competitive pass features weekly and daily objectives that you can complete. To find these objectives, go to the Objectives tab in the Competitive Pass section. If you want to avoid grinding for the competitive pass levels, simply purchase levels and complete the pass in no time. Here are the fastest methods to progress the Competitive and get all the rewards.

1.Daily Objectives

The best thing about this progression method is that you don't have to do anything else to level up the competitive pass. You should complete the daily objectives to get experience points for the pass. These daily objectives reset daily whether you have completed them or not, so you have something new waiting for you every day. By completing these objectives, you can get around five thousand experience points every day. There are certain objectives that you need to complete for the given number of days to get hundreds of thousands of experience points.

Try to complete all the daily objectives every day. There is a daily tracker section in Daily Objectives that features some more quests. If you complete all the objectives for consecutive days, additional experience points are also waiting for you. Many players have managed to earn more than two hundred thousand experience points just by completing their daily objectives for fifteen days. Daily challenges are different for each player.

2.Solo Objectives

Solo Objectives are simple objectives that you can complete for coins and experience points. You can select the difficulty level of these objectives according to your skill level. Most of these solo objectives can be completed quickly. These are weekly challenges, and each player will get different objectives.

3.Headliners Objectives

Last but not least, Headliners objectives also provide players with a good amount of experience points. You can also get epic, legendary, common, and uncommon rewards by completing these objectives. There is a total of one hundred and twenty stars that you need to get. To complete certain headliners, you may have to spend some Madden 24 coins, but you'll get them back in no time.

Competitive Pass Rewards

In Season 1 of the Competitive Pass, there are a total of fifty-three levels that you need to complete. There are certain experience points requirements that you need to meet to go to the next level. The two-player cards that you will receive are at level twenty-two and level forty-eight. At level twenty-two, you'll get A.J. Terrell Jr., who has an overall rating of eighty-six. To get to level twenty-two, you need more than eleven hundred experienced points.

At level forty-eight, another exclusive player is waiting for. The name of the player is George Pickens, and he has an overall rating of eighty-nine. To get to level forty-eight, you need two thousand and eight hundred experience points. More than twenty different RedZone and midfield packs are also available as rewards in this pass. If you can do the extra work, make sure to reach the max level of the pass as soon as possible because the first thousand players to do so will get the special versions of these two exclusive cards.

You can trade these exclusive cards. They come with extra tier 1 and tier abilities. You'll also earn more than three hundred thousand Mut 24 coins for completing the competitive pass. Through the levels, players will also get various strategy items for completing pass levels. You need a total of thirty-two experience points to complete the pass.