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Madden 24 for Beginners & Zone Coverage Logic Tips (For Pros)

Jan-18-2024 PST Madden 24



Being a beginner in Madden 24, you have to start somewhere right? Well, we’re here to help you with that! In the following guide, we’ll be highlighting some points that’ll put you right on track and set you up as a newbie to the game.

You may have already come across the different modes, controls, and strategies that exist in the game. It may look scary and overwhelming at first, but you’ll be playing like a pro in no time. So, let’s begin!

Try Every Mode


First and foremost, you need to try out the different modes in Madden. You need to be familiar with what each one has to offer in terms of gameplay experience. You’ll discover that there are many fundamentals relating to offense and defense, which can be used strategically to best fit your playstyle.

In the Franchise Mode, you can take charge of your favorite team and make decisions to alter game strategies make squad changes, etc. Within the Ultimate Team Mode, you can use cards (Purchased or Earned) to create your ideal team. You can also make your custom player as the face of the Franchise mode and see them grow from College to NFL.

Different Controls & Moves


You need to get used to different moves and controls based on the circumstances. For instance, there various receptions when passing the ball. You need to know how to alter your play using routes and audibles. You can execute carriers like spins, stiff arms, hurdles, jukes, etc. In defense, you can half offensive players with tackles, hit sticks, swats, rush techniques, interceptions, etc.

Strategy Development


You cannot win a game without a proper strategy. Madden allows players to devise their own to work with how they plan to win the match. It depends on the limitations and strength of your created squad.

There are several playbook tips that can help you identify what plays to run. This is going to depend upon different variables such as formation, distance, personnel, and down. You can also further personalize your own playbook by deleting or including plays. Make sure to observe your opponent’s gameplay and modify it accordingly.

Pros: Zone Coverage Logic Tips


Never rely on a single type of zone coverage the entire game. Mix up Match and Spot-Drop zones to keep the offensive side guessing about what you’re going to do next. You can utilize different coverages for different scenarios like Cover 4 for Long Yardage, 3 for Medium, and 2 for Short.

Being a powerful tool, Zone Coverage Coach Adjustment lets you switch between Match and Spot-Drop Zones on the run. So, use it to adapt to the offensive side’s formation and tendencies. For instance, if the offense is running vertically, switch to Match, and if the offense is running horizontally, switch to Spot-Drop Zone for more space.

Another Coach Adjustment is ‘protect the sticks. It helps defend against the first down conversions. It helps the underneath zone defenders move closer to the first down marker, thus, preventing easy completions. It also offers defense an advantage during third downs and can force the opponent side to make tough thoughtless decisions.

Speaking of Cloud and Sky Flats, they can help depending on the routes that are near the sidelines. One covers more of the intermediate area, while the other covers more of the shorter side. You can use both to counter different routes like curl, wheel, corner, and out.

Drift Logic basically helps defend against deep crossing routes, but at the same time, it can also create opportunities for interceptions. Are you a fast zone defender who is also agile? Use the Drift Logic to jump right in front of the receiver and pick up the ball as he passes. You can also use the logic to bait quarterbacks so that they follow a deep crossing route. When that happens, you just need to switch to another defender and intercept the route.

Final Thoughts

Looks like we’ve covered the basics a beginner should know before getting into Madden, as well as added an informative section for ‘almost pros’ who lack the understanding of Drift Logic. Also, Madden 24 coins and formations are important too. We hope the guide was helpful. Thank you!