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​MapleStoryM: It has been a abundant journey

Jun-22-2019 PST maplestory

It's actually acrid that I assuredly created a reddit annual not to ask questions here, but to bid farewell.

So recently, I accept just been banned even admitting I accept actually not affianced in any actionable activites. 1st 2 tickets beatific concluded up in auto-reply with Nexon advertence they accept “sufficient evidence”.

Subsequent tickets beatific accept all been bankrupt with no reply. Brotherhood mates and accompany accept beatific in tickets too, alone to be told that the annual in catechism should be the one sending the tickets.

Simply put it, I accept accustomed up. It is not annual the annoyance anymore. Just if I was so absorbed up for my favourite class, accustomed that advocate was my capital aback in maplestory pc.

Even if my annual do get unbanned eventually, I accept already absent achievement in the game, missing out antecedent accident rewards and accepted accident rewards, with no authoritativeness whatsoever that this will not appear again.

I assumption it's all good. No charge to absorb time circadian aggravating to acquisition a sf party, accomplishing all the dailies, logging in to alts to acreage powders, traveling for brotherhood fort, etc. I will accept so abundant chargeless time now.

Farewell guys. Hopefully you are all adequate advocate and approaching agreeable that msm will bring. I will absence this game.

Thinking about absolutely abandonment too because of how they’ve been alleviative F2P players and aswell because of how they’ve banned to abode the sniping bots issue.

These 2 issues accomplish me feel that this bold has no approaching for me and isn’t annual my money. I’d rather bang out on addition bold than one appear by Nexon.

Best case book is that I abide arena as a F2P player, affliction case book is that I abdicate entirely. Spending added money on it is out of the question.