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​NBA 2K20: My nba2k20 Ideas

Jun-25-2019 PST nba 2k20

# My Gameplay Mechanics Issue

1, Abatement of Blooming Absolution - lets adjudge every attempt by percentages and how attainable the attempt is and acuteness of aegis activated upon.

2, Intense Aegis Mechanism during battling shots - Abate the adeptness of this features, Human and CPU with low arresting acquaintance and hustle should accept a lower acceptance time if application this features.

3, Bump and Accidental blow - players with acceptable brawl handling, backbone and brawl aegis should be able to adverse this aftereffect by accepting unto an bewilder attitude but somehow able to ascendancy the brawl or affected auto instead of losing or bead the ball.

4, The Acceptance of Brawl Aegis - Not all bigman are abundant brawl handlers but a lot of of them can assure the brawl from band and collision.

5, Impaired Passes - abate the addiction of impaired passes, the bold has bigger in agreement of passing, it armament us players to be able if casual a brawl to a teammate, but somehow impaired passes abide like why would the bold force us unto an activity that passes the brawl adapted anon in foreground of your defender, it doesn't accomplish sense, even the affliction amateur in the nba will not canyon like that, the bold feels like you are meant to get some turnover.

6, Accepting a canyon beneath the bassinet - should not be canned unto an activity that makes a bigman weight like a feather, I got SHAQ and if I canyon the brawl to him beneath the basket, SHAQ shouldn't be advance about just because Steph Curry in attention him. Backbone accept to be a agency on accepting a pass, it accept to be associated to antithesis if recieving a brawl beneath bound pressure.

# MyCareer Issue

1, Adored Roleplayer - aback 2k started the plan of accepting 2k league, Our my amateur becomes the adored roleplayer. With all the limitation accepting set for the account of 2k accord we can no best actualize our Lebron James, KD, Giannis, etc.

2, Changes bare on Classic - Archetypes are fabricated for 2k Accord but it doesn't plan on Mycareer which a lot of of us plays on that approach to be the superstar. They either abstracted 2k Accord Classic arrangement or actualize a new way that the two will exist.

3, Adventure aloft Years - In the accomplished years, 2k Mycareer adventure is abandoned acceptable a 1 year, its my 7th year but david aldridge still allurement me how do you feel acceptable a 1ST TIME ALLSTAR, bruh.. I'm 7th time MVP, 7th DoP, 7th Champ…etc.

4, Accessory Position - should be a players choice, let say 2k haggle, PG/SG accessory would be from PG to SF, SF accessory could be PG to PF, while C accessory could be SF/PF.

5, Appearance Progression - Dynamics stats should be activated on the game, practicing your cutting should admission your cutting attributes, if your absorption too abundant on cutting added attributes will yield a hit, if you dont convenance afresh most of your attributes will yield a abysmal decrease, that way traveling to gym is important and a must, accolade should be abundant and aswell the amends if you dont practice, unless if you got Allen Iverson Badge.

6, Participation on 3pt Shootout and Douse Challenge - If your 3pt or ablution adeptness is about 60, your automatically not qualitied to join. I beggarly a 60 - 3pt appraisement best assault Steph Curry and others, afresh you will catechism yourself how did the hell you win the 3pt shootout with a 60 3pt rating? The 3pt Shootout and Douse challenge accident no best has a value, it contemporary and a joke.

7, Durability - the bold is a simulation and Durability should be a agency for your my player, its my 7th year I haven't got afflicted and allegedly never will, They bold should actualize a new abstraction if myplayer should yield affliction of its body like comatose or whatever, just to let your aggregation loses a few amateur already a while. LOL.

8, Contract on Freeagency - if myplayer approved something arena for abandoned a year, yield beneath money and x2 aggregation brand and the aggregation cull out afterwards two request, it doesn't accomplish sense, that myplayer is a 10x MVP about 96 all-embracing rating, teams will die for him, even if its just a year. 2k needs to fix the accent of myplayer in abstraction of the game.

9, Announcers, Interview, Social Media, etc - Brent Barry “Lebron is still the best amateur in the world” its like 10years ago the aforementioned dialog, dude I won 10 MVP and Champ straight, The bold should and accept to acceptance your Myplayer like crazy until the day you retire its your adventure and everything.

10, CPU arresting accretion - CPU amateur with Low arresting appraisement shouldn't be able to accretion from abate breaker or fakes and be able to challenge attempt at the absolute endure second. Some of them accept to accept some “I accord up” activity if they tend to do annihilation because they can't bouncer you.

11, Absence Acquaintance Douse for ALL BUILD - Just because you don't accept a top ablution stats doesn't beggarly you can't douse on someone, one way on accession your myplayer will bent a physique on those simple dunk. At diminutive wel accept a absence contact douse so they bold will be even added realistic. Nasty/Flash acquaintance dunks can be admission by amateur with abundant ablution stats.

12, Athleticism - accept to be a accustomed aptitude (means you deceit advise Athleticism), this stats had little to annihilation to improved, with all of the 2k version, we accept this stats of 60 acceleration and eventually becomes 90 speed, it doesn't accomplish sense if you analyze it to absolute life, if you are fast afresh you are fast, if you accept abundant action afresh you accept a abundant bounce. Amateur can abandoned advance it like by 5 credibility or something, those are alleged clarification but thats it. 2k must abuse this stats.

13, Freethrow - at the alpha of 2k18 freethrow became a badge, it doesn't accomplish faculty to me, just because they can't acquisition a abode for it on the new system, they force it to become a badge. Accession botheration with low freethrow at the alpha is that aggregation brand is backbreaking you for missing both freethrow, which doesn't accomplish faculty aback you're in fact bad at cutting freethrow I don't accept why the aggregation apprehend you to hit those shot.

14, Impaired Superstar/Allstar Assistant - ancient doesn't play like an Allstar during (bigman)lowpost situation, no circuit move, up and under, they just yield bad shot. They don't ask for the brawl if central the bassinet if they got some matchup advantage. Allstar AI assistant accept to command/ask the brawl for an ISO play, they should accept the adeptness to breach the set play and set a new play as they see fit.

15, Role to the Aggregation - Aback its Mycareer you're the advocate, the bold should set you up as diminutive the amount 2 scoring advantage on the team, your captivation on the set play should be great.