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​OSRS Dream Mentor Guide From MMOexp

Jan-30-2020 PST runescape

Dream Mentor is a quest that is part of the Fremennik quest series. In the quest you will meet an adventurer at Lunar Isle named Cyrisus who suffers with fear and doubt, you will help him overcome this by entering his dreams and facing the manifestations of his conditions. The official quest length is short to medium and the difficulty is master. This quest contains some of the more challenging combat you will encounter in OSRS quests, and was the first OSRS quest to feature a combat level requirement as opposed to individual skill requirements which also means you can fight him with different combat styles.

The quest requirements for this quest are as follows: Lunar Diplomacy, The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion, Druidic Ritual, Eadgar's Ruse, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau. The items required are: A seal of passage, 3 Different kinds of food (6 of the first type, then 7 of the remaining 2), An astral rune, A tinderbox, A hammer, A pestle and mortar and a good weapon to defeat the enemies (no prayers are allowed when fighting the monsters in the adventurers dreams.

Travel to Lunar Isle with the seal of passage equiped and head to the north-east cave entrance, inside you will find a fallen man named Cyrisus. You will need to help the fallen man recover by giving him food, starting with an item of food you have 7 of and keep offering a different food item each time. Occasionally you will need to talk to him and give him positive responses to his questions, keep going through this process until he sits up and then eventually stands up. Next you will need to get armour for him, go to the Lunar Isle bank, speak to the banker Birds-Eye Jack to access Cyrisus' bank. Select items to fill each of the available slots in his chest, it can take trial and error to get correct, if you have the level 67 lunar spell NPC contact. you can ask Cyrisus if the items are correct, which will save time. Once he has 100% status in all areas you can leave the mine and travel with him to the Oneiromancer.

The Oneiromancer is in the south-east of the island near the astral altar. When you speak to her Cryisus will appear alongside you, she will suggest going into his dreams to help his fears. You will need a potion to enter his dreams. She will give you a dream vial which you should fill with water, you will then need some goutweed, which can be obtained either by growing a gout tuber requiring 29 farming or by stealing it from the trolls kitchen that you entered during the Eadgar's Ruse quest (if you are using this method it's recommended to get a few as it will be needed for the Dragon Slayer II quest). Use the goutweed on the vial, after that use a hammer on the astral rune and use a pestle and mortar on the result, finally add the crushed astral rune on the vial to create the dream potion.

The final and most difficult part of the quest are the battles in the dream world. The fight contains four monsters of decreasing difficulty, it's in an instance so you must stay and defeat all three of them before leaving. Also because it's a instance you will lose any unprotected items on death and cannot retrieve them. Prayer is not allowed. The second boss is made a lot easier by using a halberd to safespot with, so bring either a rune or dragon halberd with you. Other than than that any good melee combat gear you have, the dragon dagger is recommended for the first boss due to it's strong stats and spec attack. The second and third bosses can be fought most effectively with magic, such as by using the trident of seas or iban blast.

Head back to the main part of Lunar Isle, gear up, remembering your dream potion and passage of seal (which must always be equiped or you will be kicked from Lunar Isle) along with your combat gear and good food. Go to the dream hall which is the large building in the west. Once you are ready light the brazier using the tinderbox (you can quickly bank the tinderbox in case you die if you wish) and you will enter the dream world. In the northern part of the room there is a lectern which you can use to quickly escape if you wish. The first monster you will face is called “The Inadequacy” which is combat level 343 and by far the hardest of the monsters, don't be alarmed if you use most of your food fighting this one monster. If you aren't engaging this monster in melee he can hit you hard with magic hits so make sure you confront him quickly. He will spawn level 78 monsters called “A Doubt”, make sure you have auto-retaliate off and keep moving around and attacking the main monster. Avoid fighting his spawns as they don't need to be defeated, although they can they can be a bit annoying you should be able to outrun them. All combat styles, magic and ranged work well again this first monster, a b-pipe could finish him particularly fast. He cannot be poisoned so you can just use a standard dragon dagger, mainly for its spec attack. This monster can be quite challenging, and may take some attempts to get the right technique to defeat, if you think you will run out of food before defeating it it's better to leave, restock and come back rather than risk your items.

Once you defeat the first monster quickly make your way to the space next to the lectern. From here you can safespot the second monster, which is “The Everlasting” with a combat level of 223, if you have bought your halberd you can even safespot it from here as it attacks a further distance than standard melee weapons. The next monster “The Untouchable” has a higher combat level of 273, it has a powerful hit but can once again be safespotted from the same spot, so should offer no threat. Between the second and third monster you should quickly leave the safespot and return, otherwise the third monster can ignore the safespot and attack you, quickly damaging you.

The final boss is somewhat of a joke, known as the “The Illusive” it acts similarly to the Falador Giant Mole in that it will appear then burrow underground and then re-appear elsewhere, you can just look on the minimap to quickly see where it is, then go and attack it, it rarely attacks back although it has a combat level of 108 and a max hit of 8 so some caution should be paid to it at least. When it is low health Cyrisus will stomp on it, finally defeating all of his problems. Once you are out of the dream, head back down to the Oneiromancer in the south-east to finish the quest (make sure not to bank your seal of passage just yet). The rewards for the quest are: 2 quest points, 15'000 hitpoints xp, 10'000 magic xp, 7 additional spells added to your lunar spell book, a dreamy lamp which can be used to give 15'000 xp to any combat skill other than prayer or attack and you can now use the bank in Lunar Isle without need for a seal of passage equiped. Completion of this quest is also required to start the quest Dragon Slayer II.

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