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​Path of Exile Shaper Guide

Apr-14-2020 PST path of exile

Table of Contents

· Requirements to Open Portal

· Recommended

· The Shapers Realm

· Phase 1

· Shaper Abilities

· Banishment 1

· Phase 2

· Banishment 2

· Phase 3

· Notable Drops

Requirements to open Shaper Portal

· Fragment of the Chimera

· Fragment of the Hydra

· Fragment of the Minotaur

· Fragment of the Phoenix


· 6000 HP Minimum or 8000 Energy Shield (For Hardcore you may want 7000 HP Minimum / 9000 Energy Shield)

· Maxed Resistances

· Fast Movement Skills (ie Shield Charge, Whirling Blades, Leap Slam)

· Additional Damage Mitigation (ie Fortify, Elemental Resistance, Endurance Charges)

· Strong single target damage

Additional Recommendations

· Fortify: This Support Skill Gem grants players a buff of 20% reduced damage from hits for 4 seconds. This is a must have for all Melee characters, allowing you to mitigate some of the high damage taken by the Shaper. For all other builds, supplement Vigilant Strike in place of Fortify.

· Endurance Charges: Endurance gives players a defensive boost in the way of a 4% decrease in physical damage per charge. To maintain charges, Endurance Cry is also recommended. If the Endurance charges are core to your build, they also offer tons of HP regeneration!

· Purity of Ice: Due to the majority of the Shapers abilities dealing Cold Damage, the Purity of Ice is HIGHLY recommended. This grants the player additional maximum cold resistance. If needed, use an Aura or Skill Gem to use it. Grants a maximum of 4% increased resistance.

· Basalt Flask: Gives 15% additional physical damage reduction when in use, the flask significantly reduces damage taken from Melee attacks.

· Sapphire Flask: Further increases player maximum Cold Resistance on use helping to negate the Shapers Cold Attacks. A more expensive version of this flask called the Tase of Hate, changes physical damage into cold damage, mitigating more damage from the Shaper.

The Shapers Realm

As discussed before, the Shaper’s Realm portal needs to be opened using the four fragments from Guardians of the Void. The fragments must be placed in the correct order to be activated, otherwise it will fail to open. Before taking on the Shaper itself, you first must defeat four demi-bosses. They are located in each of the four wings of the Nexus. The demi-bosses are randomly chosen and have no special mods to them.

Phase 1

Once you have defeated the demi-bosses, it is time to take on the Shaper. Before moving and starting the fight, you can charge your skills, place totems or traps. Once you take your first steps, Zana will begin a short dialogue with the Shaper and the fight will commence! Get ready to do some clicking!

Shaper Abilities

The Shaper has six unique abilities you will need to look out for during the fight while also maintaining the highest DPS you can achieve. The Melee attack deals physical damage and can only be used against you in close range. Using Fortify and Basalt Flasks will help mitigate the damage done. The Shaper fires three golden orbs that can deal massive Cold Damage and penetrates 25% of your cold resistance. Simply side step these orbs to avoid all damage. The Shaper Beam is a huge golden beam that deals fire, cold and lightning damage over a short amount of time. The beam only targets one location per skill usage, allowing players to side step the beam to avoid the attack. While the Shaper is using the beam, you can stack tons of free damage from behind. The Teleport Slam is a large area of effect ability. The tell tale sign the Shaper is about to use this ability is when it disappears in a blanket of void. When she disappears, use your movement skill and move around quickly to avoid the blast. Another ability the Shaper may use against you is the Portal. The shaper will teleport to the side of the arena and opens a portal which makes it immune to damage. While immune, the portal will spawn powerful monsters that will attempt to attack Zana. Keeping Zana alive during this is critical to defeating the Shaper. It is best to stand directly in front of the portal and take on these monsters before they can reach Zana. The last ability the Shaper will use is called the Vortex Balls. These slow-moving cold balls spawn once every few seconds. They do not do any direct damage, but instead only activate if they player touches them. If touched, the ball will turn into a vortex until the phase ends. Standing in this area will deal cold damage over time so make sure to keep out of the spots to avoid unwanted damage.

Banishment 1

Monsters in Banishment 1 provide experience, flask charges and vaal skill charges. You will have to travel through this zone as quickly as possible to avoid the Shaper from regaining too much HP during this stage. It is not a requirement to kill any of the monsters in this phase so it’s recommended to only attack the ones in your path or are a threat to you. At the end of the zone there is a demi-boss you must defeat before entering Phase 2 of the Shaper boss fight. Once defeated, a portal will open leading to the next phase of the Shaper encounter. Make sure all of your flasks and vaal skills are charged before entering!

Phase 2

During Phase 2 of the fight, the Shaper will have access to all of the same abilities from Phase 1 but also includes another new ability. The Shaper will cast a bullet barrage of cold projectiles that can deal heavy damage and are incredibly hard to dodge, while also being immune to damage. When activated, Zana will teleport to the middle of the arena and create a protective bubble that will block 100% of the damage from this attack. If you failed to keep her alive in Phase 1, she will not be there to protect you from this damage! Once at 25% health, the Shaper again banishes Zana and the player slowly regenerates life until both return.

Banishment 2

The second banishment phase is almost identical to the first. Quickly move to the end of the zone and defeat the demi-boss to move on. This demi-boss needs to be taken out from a distance to avoid it’s hard hitting close range attacks. Make sure to stock up on flasks and vaal charges before moving on to the next phase.

Phase 3

This is the last phase of Shaper boss fight. When his health hits 0% you have defeated it! LIke the phases before, the Shaper will maintain all the abilities from previous phases and adds a new one to its arsenal. This ability summons an invulnerable spectral dobule that uses one of his skills, then disappears. Additionally the vortex balls will appear significantly more often that previous phases, making the most of the arena unsafe and leaving just a small area to maneuver around in. No damage can be dealt to the clone, so you must avoid all of its abilities.

Notable Drops

· Dying Sun: One of the best flasks in the game to assist in clearing the map quicker. It increases up to 15-25% Area of Effect and skills fire 2 additional projectiles during your flask effects. On top of that, it is a Ruby Flask which makes it very useful against fire damage. Its rare drop rate makes it the most valuable drop from the Shaper.

· Starforge: One of the highest physical DPS swords in the game. It even has a +90-100 maximum life, which other regular weapons do not have. The downside is you are not able to deal elemental damage ever. It has a slightly lower drop rate, making it a valuable piece of weaponry.

· Shaper’s Touch: Most common drop from the Shaper. Not worth much in the market but it is needed from some unique builds.

· Voidwalker: Same as the Shaper’s Touch, common drop that is worth very little. Still a good item for players on a budget.

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