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​Which wishes to be fixed, Barbarians or Felling Axe

Feb-15-2023 PST Dark And Darker

Discuss Barbarians or Felling Axe in Dark and Darker - Which wishes to be fixed, Barbarians or Felling Axe ? I'm a fighter main, and I switched to barb to discover ways to beat it cuz I turned into additionally getting 1 shot, additionally I'm simplest relating to the 3v3 map, barb is op on goblin cave however the sport should not be balanced round it anyways, I'll speak approximately goblin cave on the end.

Barb turned into taken into consideration the worst elegance final playtest and it obtained no buffs, the contemporary network sentiment for the general elegance is insane because it went from being taken into consideration the worst elegance to the first-class elegance, felling awl turned into the simplest issue retaining the elegance applicable final playtest, however it turned into taken into consideration op then and nonetheless is, so admittedly, that merits a nerf, it assaults too fast.

If you're preventing a barbarian and don't have any room to kite, why are you preventing the barbarian? I trust that in case you are a cleric/wizard/ranger and a barbarian makes it to melee range, they should win the combat, they should half shot you, cuz in the event that they don't, then wtf is the elegance's strengths?

Fighters are versatile, they are able to use any weapon in the sport, they are able to attain 95% bodily dmg discount and prefer 60% projectile harm discount, crossbow also can 1 shot headshot.

Rangers in an awesome room can kite and combat infinitely with out taking harm, and that they get to apply spears and set traps in doors that suggest loose kills.

Wizards have the first-class (and simplest) aoe package in the sport, now no longer to say insanely robust buffs.

Clerics are manifestly true because the simplest aid elegance (we will see what bard brings to the desk in april).

Rogues suck, buff rogue honestly.

But barbarians? They maintain the w key and attempt to hit the head, thats all they have got. Theyre slow, they may be one hundred% predictable, now no longer tanky (max 25% phys withstand and their lively abilties lessen that), if the devs get rid of their harm, they have got nothing.

A ordinary barb construct places them at round 72% flow pace, identical pace as fighter, slower than each different elegance, in case you can not kite them, it is cuz you're preventing them in a awful room, the library, the bat room with the pyramid, the middle chest room with the wraith and skeletal champion, the room with the four bridges that make an x and feature the undercarriage, the massive circle room with the chest withinside the center and recuperation shrine underneath, if it is ranger vs barb, the barb have to in no way win cuz it have to in no way seize the ranger in the ones rooms.

As for melee classes, if a fighter blocks 1 attack, the animation healing takes see you later that the barb will lose the combat, if a rogue surprises the barbarian and dodges 1 attack, they win the combat (rogues do want a buff though).

This recreation is not a honest recreation, it is only a essential principle, u can convey in higher gear, u could have a higher crew comp, now no longer each combat is a honest combat, and a few fights are actually now no longer winnable regardless of the way you play it, prevent preventing barbs in a room wherein they are able to seize you.

Now in case you are gonna say theyre too robust into wizard, quite certain the goal is that they have to counter wizard when you consider that 1 perk is one hundred magic withstand.

Now for goblin cave, in case you say theyre too robust in goblin cave, you are 100 % right, u cant kite in goblin cave, you may run into any other % of mobs, however the sport should not be balanced round that, and that they made that map and recreation mode in four weeks, of route it is flawed, now if the devs introduced a nerf specially to that map, like lowering the headshot multiplier for barbs simplest on goblin cave or some thing like that, i might understand.

Now for humans pointing to the leaderboards announcing it is complete of barbs so barbs op, a barb+wizard+cleric comp is first-class in the sport and it feeds barbs all of the kills, they get tanky from the pocket heals, they get boost up to make up for their #1 weakness, their pace, he does emerge as an unkillable machine, however thats the factor of the sport, a three guy crew.

By the way, Barbs should half shot you, you have to lose in case you combat a barbarian in a awful room/position, they may be op in goblin cave however the sport should not be balanced round that, a headshot nerf specially in goblin cave might be warranted, felling awl does deserve a nerf, however now no longer the elegance. And MMOexp sell the cheapest Dark and Darker gold, in just a few days, we have won the trust and favor of Dark and Darker players. Thank you for your support.