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    5 Best Corner Kicks in FIFA 23

    If you have become pretty good at corner kicks but can’t score too many goals with them like in the past, maybe this is time to switch to some other corner kicks techniques and try your luck. For this purpose, here are five best corner kicks that you can learn in FIFA 23 to score goals and impress the crowd with your skills. If you master all these corner kicks, you can bring a variation to your choices and become unpredictable because opponents can predict your next and use a countermeasure accordingly. In FIFA 23, corner kicks are complex because you have to kick the ball with the perfect power, or it will land somewhere else.

    5 Best Corner Kicks in FIFA 23

    You should also know everything about the players in your team to use the best player to take a corner kick and increase your chances of scoring a goal. These corner kicks will take some time, but they are worth learning because they can turn the match in your favor.

    1. Short Corner

    The first corner short in this list is the short corner. To perfectly pull this corner kick, you have to call a player short before the cutscene ends. You can do so by pressing RBX from the controller. After the player reaches the desired spot, you will have many options to pull this corner kick.

    Use three bars of power to kick the ball and keep the aim at the four-post. This way, the player from your team that is already standing there will divert the ball into the post with a header. The short corner kick is a good option as it takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the lineup of the other team.

    2. Default Corner

    For lazy FIFA 23 players, the default corner is a good corner kick, as you can immediately go for it without any preparation at all. For this corner kick, you don’t have to adjust the curve of the ball and can instead go with the default curve only. To make sure that the ball reaches the post without going over it, two to two and a half bars of power are enough. Most goals scored with this corner kick will be successful, and your players will quickly return to their spots after celebrating.

    3. Power Corner

    Power corner is ranked as the most effective kick in FIFA 23 among all the corner kicks. For this corner kick, you need a kick taker with a power of less than eighty-five, or else the kick won’t be successful. Depending on the foot of the kick taker, you should adjust the curve accordingly. There is nothing on the field that can stop the ball from entering the goalpost except for the wrong curve and the power of the taker.

    4. Direct Power Corner

    For the direct power corner kick, you need a moment when the keeper of the other team is still inside, or this kick won’t work out in the other situation. In terms of the curve, there is nothing to change except for the landing spot for the ball. To perfectly take their corner kick, you will have to practice and practice a lot in the arena, but once you have mastered it, everything will be very easy.

    This is a simple kick where you don’t have to put out too much hard work except for the right timing. There are two different ways when it comes to take power corner kicks in FIFA 23. These ways change the movement of your opponents. If the player from the other team is on the line, go with the full power bar and aim as mentioned above. If the keeper is out in the second situation, adjust the aim and shoot for the goal.

    5. Manual Corner

    As the name says, the manual corner involves the most manual adjustments compared to other corner kicks in FIFA 23. You need to focus on the timing curve the most for manual corners because the right curve means a successful goal in most cases. Players have to take the kick in such a way that the ball lands on such a spot in the goalpost where the keeper can’t stop the ball from entering the post. The power of the shot is also very important.

    When the power is too less, the ball will never make it to the goal. When the power is too high, the ball will go high from the post. After you have got the curve of the ball and the power of the player right, timing is the only thing left to worry about. With enough practice with this corner kick, you will have an idea about the landing spot of the ball before you even take the kick.

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