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Addressing PvP Concerns and Proposing Balance Changes

May-22-2023 PST Eden Eternal

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Introduction by MMOexp:

In this article, we will delve into the realm of PvP (Player versus Player) combat and discuss various concerns raised by players. We will examine the issues surrounding build diversity, class imbalances, crowd control mechanics, critical hit rates, and damage reduction effects. Additionally, we will propose potential solutions to create a more engaging and balanced PvP experience.

1, Enhancing Build Diversity

One of the primary concerns raised by players is the lack of build diversity in PvP. Many feel that the current system relies too heavily on random number generation (RNG) and multihit builds. Regardless of the class chosen, players often find themselves resorting to the same repetitive strategies due to the unpredictable nature of RNG. Consequently, the article suggests exploring more strategic options for different classes, allowing players to create unique builds that cater to their playstyle and offer a variety of viable choices.

2, Invisibility Issues and Counterplay

A particular issue brought up by players pertains to the imbalance caused by certain mechanics. For example, when playing on a laptop or using the "poisonous powder" ability, characters become invisible, granting a significant advantage to those exploiting this feature. The article acknowledges that this issue has persisted over the years and proposes a revision to address this problem. Additionally, the effectiveness of smoke bombs is discussed, highlighting the need for balance adjustments, such as reconsidering the damage multiplier or exploring alternative mechanics to encourage fair and engaging gameplay.

3, Correcting Crowd Control Mechanics

The article acknowledges the necessity of fixing crowd control (CC) mechanics that are not functioning correctly. The frustration caused by prolonged CC effects, such as being immobilized for 18 seconds, detracts from the overall PvP experience. To ensure a healthy PvP environment, the article emphasizes the importance of rectifying these issues promptly and providing a more balanced approach to CC abilities.

4, Immunity and CC Certificates

A point of contention arises when discussing the interaction between immunity and CC certificates. While the removal of CC certificates might not be universally supported, the article argues against CC certificates bypassing immunity abilities. This feature undermines the purpose of certain classes, as exemplified by stun certificates penetrating the effects of the BP Holy Skill. Striking a balance between the effectiveness of CC certificates and class-specific immunities is crucial for maintaining a fair and competitive PvP environment.

5, Stat Balancing and Critical Hit Rates

The article suggests considering adjustments to the stat requirements and effects of certain abilities, such as the Pod, while considering both PvP and PvE aspects. While it is important to address potential imbalances in PvP, any changes should not negatively impact PvE gameplay. The article acknowledges the potential repercussions of such adjustments on players who primarily engage in PvE content and emphasizes the need for careful consideration and balance in this regard.

6, Weapon Bugs and PvP Impact

The discussion briefly touches upon weapon bugs and their impact on PvP. While the article suggests that the prevalence of certain weapon bugs, like the pike, may not significantly affect the overall PvP experience due to their widespread usage, it acknowledges the importance of addressing any significant issues that arise from weapon imbalances to maintain a fair playing field.

7, Damage Reduction Effects and PvP Exclusivity

The article recognizes the need to address the monotony caused by extended battles due to excessive damage reduction effects. Prolonged encounters that result from high damage reduction can lead to disinterest in PvP. However, the article emphasizes that any adjustments to damage reduction effects should be exclusive to PvP and avoid negatively impacting PvE gameplay. Suggestions include revising PvP-specific items, such as certifications or pet abilities, to mitigate the issue. Additionally, the article proposes considering sets and weapon balancing to ensure a more even playing field for all classes.

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