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Eden Eternal: Miscellaneous Suggestions

May-19-2023 PST Eden Eternal

Here are some suggestions that could enhance the gameplay experience and address certain issues:

1, Guild Statues with GUILD Funds

Introduce the option to purchase guild statues, including elemental statues and Lv95 expedition statues, using GUILD funds. Many active guilds, as well as some inactive alt guilds, have accumulated capped funds that currently serve no purpose. This feature would provide a meaningful way to utilize guild funds. The specific gold amount for purchasing statues can be determined by the developers. This change would particularly benefit smaller guilds that are unable to complete Elemental Battlefield on their own.

2, Revised Rewards for GA/GvG Winners

Revise the rewards for the winners of GA/GvG battles. Instead of the current system, where the winners receive the same reward repeatedly, introduce the concept of receiving a random Elemental's Battlefield statue. This would add more variety to the rewards and increase excitement for the winners.

3, Improved Rewards for 2nd Place in GA/GvG

Modify the rewards for the 2nd place in GA/GvG battles. Instead of receiving redundant items like useless doors, offer a random Bash/Vivi/Jordan statue as a reward. This change would provide more value to the 2nd place participants and make their efforts feel more rewarding.

4, Expanded Availability of Elysian Island

Expand the availability of Elysian Island beyond just Mondays and Fridays. Currently, these are the only two days players can farm Elysian Devil Souls, which can be challenging for those with limited playtime due to work or other commitments. Since most types of arenas are currently inactive, consider rearranging the time slots to accommodate additional Elysian Island sessions. Additionally, it would be beneficial to add the option of exchanging souls for "PvP Tokens" in Aven.

5, Daily Quest for Angelic Temple/Demonic Fortress

Introduce a daily quest similar to the one in HoO for Angelic Temple/Demonic Fortress. This quest can provide a random amount of any of the three parchments and offer a chance to obtain Demonic or Angelic Essences, EXP shells, and/or Jars. Such a daily quest would benefit players who have limited time to farm 0/10s and those who face difficulties due to unfortunate luck or low crafting ranks.

6, "Mysterious Gem Pouch"

Consider adding a "Mysterious Gem Pouch" that can be obtained through the same method as the Gem Pouch. This pouch would provide Lv1-5 Elemental and Physical Resistance gems. To make room for the new pouch, remove "Swift Collect" scrolls from the loot pool since they are not commonly used. This change would greatly assist gem crafters and provide more valuable rewards.

7, Multiple Bank Tabs and Account Shared Bank

Although it may be a long shot, consider introducing multiple bank tabs and an account shared bank feature. Many players, including myself, would greatly appreciate these additions. Multiple bank tabs would allow for better organization and management of items, while an account shared bank would facilitate easier item transfers between characters within the same account.

Thank you for taking the time to read these suggestions. I have invested considerable thought into them, and I hope you will consider implementing some or most of these ideas in future patches, also you can follow MMOexp get the cheapest Eden Eternal gold and items, good time here.