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All Madden NFL 24 Game Modes Listed

Aug-29-2023 PST Madden 24

Madden 24 is releasing on August 18, and the whole gaming community is excited about it. The hype around the release of Madden 24 is very high, and everyone is waiting for it. To maintain and increase the hype, developers have been releasing information about Madden 24 from time to time. Gamers know everything about what is coming up in the latest title of the Madden franchise. For football fans, there is a lot to enjoy in this EA sports football game. A lot of popular game modes are coming back to the game along with immersive gameplay. Here is the list of all the game modes that are coming to Madden 24 faces of the franchise.

Madden 24 Game Modes

EA has decided to reintroduce some previous game modes to Madden 24 due to fans. Here are the main game modes that you can enjoy in Madden 24 this week. For certain game modes, player grading is available to keep things fair. More game modes will be coming to Madden 24 in the future, but for now, these are the only options that you have. Although, these game modes are enough for you to enjoy all the aspects of the game.

1. Franchise Mode

For many years now, franchise mode has been the biggest selling point for Madden games. It lets you take control of a full-fledged football team or a single player to rise to glory. You can rename your NFL franchise to your liking. Various new changes are coming to this mode in Madden 24, such as new teams and new cities, etc. Here are some new changes to the franchise mode.

· New Coaching trees are available now, and you can find the best coordinator for your team according to their skills.

· A week before the new season starts, you can take part in a training camp to earn skill points thanks to mini-games.

· Even if you are not the owner of a franchise in this game mode, you can still relocate to your favorite city instantly.

· When your superstar reaches level 75, 85, and 90 overalls, they will receive three abilities, while x-factor players will now have four abilities.

· The difficulty CPU teams and players are also adjusted to provide players with a challenging environment.

· When you are scouting and drafting for new players, you can use a new slider control to change how weak or strong the specific position is in the draft class of that year.

2. Madden Ultimate Team

Team building modes were always a success in EA sports games, and Madden 24 is also coming up with this mode. Earn money by playing games and use that money to purchase packs and cards. Build your team with better cards. Grinding is the key in this game mode. You have to get the right cards to make it to the top.

3. Head-to-head

The head-to-head game mode is pretty common in EA sports games. In this game mode, you can pick your team and play and football match against the CPU. For pro players, they can also challenge other players online. You can also challenge friends for a duel, thanks to this game mode. This mode also supports cross-play, so you can enjoy playing with players from different platforms. It supports cross-play for platforms including XBOX X, PlayStation 5, PC, and XBOX S.

4. Superstar Mode

As the name says, this mode is all about enjoying football with your favorite superstars. This game mode in Madden 24 is now coming with the league feature and the showdown feature to enable players to enjoy football like never before. To better up the skills of your superstar, perform combined drills. This will affect their draft status to a great extent. Once you have created a superstar and trained him enough, you can simply take him to a showdown to see who is the best. Here are more details about these features

· Superstar: The League – This is the offline version of the Superstar mode, where you can choose a star and enjoy football. You can improve your character and score goals to make him reach the hall of fame.

· Superstar: Showdown – This is an online game mode where you can engage in three-vs-three football games. This mode doesn’t support cross-play, so you will enjoy it with players who are on the same console.

5. Skills Trainer

This game mode in Madden 24 is all about training your skills to put up a good show in real football matches.

Game Mode for PS4 & Xbox One

These game modes are for the PS4 and the Xbox One gaming consoles only.

· Franchise Mode

· Mini-games

· Madden Ultimate Team

· Madden NFL Skills Trainer

· The Yard (PS4 and Xbox One only)

· The face of the Franchise (PS4 and Xbox One only)

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