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    Best ST Build in FIFA 23 Career Mode is here

    Dec-22-2022 PST FIFA 23

    Striker is an important position in FIFA 23, and it has a big impact on the outcome of a match. The reason to find the best striker build for the career mode is to pick the right skills according to your strategy. You can perform better and win a match effortlessly with the perfect striker build.

    To create your striker build, you will have to use the character creation option and create the perfect character according to the build. Creating a build isn't easy and takes a lot of time, so you will have to spend some time understanding the striker position and all the related skills. Before we move to striker builds, it is important to know about the top strikers in FIFA 23.

    Best Strikers in FIFA 23

    Below are all the top strikers in FIFA 23, along with their club names and overall rating.

    1. Karim Benzema is from the Real Madrid club with an overall rating of 91.

    2. Kylian Mbappé is from the Paris Saint-Germain club with an overall rating of 91.

    3. Robert Lewandowski is from the FC Barcelona club with an overall rating of 91.

    4. Cristiano Ronaldo is from the Manchester United club with an overall rating of 90.

    5. Harry Kane is from the Tottenham Hotspur club with an overall rating of 89.

    6. Erling Haaland is from the Manchester City club, with an overall rating of 88.

    7. Christopher Nkunku is from the RB Leipzig club with an overall rating of 86.

    8. Lautaro Martínez is from the Inter Milan club with an overall rating of 86.

    9. Romelu Lukaku is from the Inter Milan club with an overall rating of 86.

    10. Ciro Immobile is from the Lazio club with an overall rating of 86.

    Best Striker Build

    Here is a complete breakdown of the best FIFA 23 striker build that you can use right now to shake the defense line of enemies.

    Player Profile

    Pay more attention to the profile of your player if you want to make a good striker out of him. The perfect height for a striker is between five feet and six inches to five feet and nine inches. The average weight of players is about fifty kilograms according to the official guidelines of FIFA. The running speed and acceleration of a player depend on his weight and height, so adjust them accordingly. There is no preference when it comes to the foot.

    · Position - Attacker

    · Role - Striker (ST)

    · Height - 5'9"

    · Weight - 114 lbs

    · Preferred Foot - Right


    · Maestro Archetype

    · Lynx Archetype

    · Sniper Archetype


    Compared to other skills, the poacher is the most popular one as it makes various things easy for your character. To get the flair trait, you should use the active first touch perk. You also need to balance in order to use the first active touch. On the third number, you should choose the skilled dribbler perk, as it boosts up almost all your abilities.  

    · Poacher – It boosts up the shooting for players who are inside the box.

    · Active First Touch – Boosts up the acceleration and running speed of your players along with control of the ball.

    · Skilled Dribbler – Boosts up the skills to dribble the ball on the field. This also boosts other moving abilities when the player is dribbling the ball so they can use the flair trait skill.


    · Physical – These attributes are related to the reaction and the stamina of the player. The minimum stamina of your strikers should be ninety-five, while the reaction should be ninety-nine. Other personality traits also impact physical attributes.

    · Dribbling – For good dribbling, have ninety-nine attack position, ninety-nine dribbling, ninety-two agility, and eighty-six balance. If you can afford any five-star skills, use them as well.

    · Passing – There is no benefit of investing too many points here, as seventy short passes will get the job done.

    · Shooting – For the left of the skill tree, focus on free kicks, penalties, and accuracy. Reach a minimum archetype, as it will help you reach the desired level on the above-mentioned points. For the right side, you should pick everything else and avoid volleys and finishing. You will end up with a five-start weak foot at this point.

    · Pace – Avoid sprint speeds and have a minimum of ninety-seven sprint speeds and ninety-eight acceleration.


    Last but not least, personality is also important. Below are the three best personality traits that you should invest in in order to win more football matches. Below are the three best personality traits that you should invest in. Along with these three traits, invest in virtuoso and heartbeat if you have some extra points, but there is no need to invest points in other traits.

    · Maverick – 54%

    · Heartbeat – 23%

    · Virtuoso – 23%

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