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Diablo 4 Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks for When You Go to Hell

Jul-17-2023 PST Diablo4

In the Diablo series, the last title was released more than a decade ago, so fans expect a lot from the newest entry. Diablo 4 is all set to break new and old records. If you're new to Diablo and unfamiliar with game systems, don't worry; these tips and tricks will ensure you survive in hell. These tips and tricks are for everyone, and you will enjoy an unlimited flow of currency along with good gear and accessories to deal with enemies.

Sell and Salvage items

Towards the end of the game, you won't have to worry about gold because there are other things you have to worry about. On the other hand, when the game starts, gold is sacred. To have enough gold for your needs at the start of the game, you can simply sell items but beware of selling too many of these Dibalo 4 items as you can salvage them to have raw materials.

Read details of items

When an enemy drops an item, you should read all the available details, even if you don't want to pick it up. Diablo 4 will feature complete details about an item, such as all the stats and bonuses. This way, you can make sure to pick up items with the greatest boosts. When you swap a new item, make sure to salvage the previous item to make the most out of it.

Reach level 2 in all regions

Diablo 4 features five different regions, and each region has different strongholds, dungeons, and bosses that you have to deal with. Each region also features tiers. When you reach a certain tier by completing activities, you'll receive rewards. The reason why you should reach a minimum of level two in all regions is that it will unlock a new potion charge. For solo players, that extra charge will make a lot of difference.

Get passive for abilities

The skill tree in donans favor Diablo 4 is detailed, and you'll be spending a lot of time adjusting it according to your needs. To get the most out of it, spend skill points on passives and small bonuses from the start. For now, every player is limited to just one passive bonus for each skill.

Get XP bonus with Vendors

You can visit potion vendors to upgrade and craft elixirs and get experience bonuses. The second benefit of upgrading these potions is that you'll enjoy more health when you use these potions to heal. Elixirs also provide other bonuses. Use these buffs in the start when you need them the most.

Clear dungeons

Dungeons are everywhere in Diablo 4 and are marked on the game map with gate icons. When you clear a dungeon, you'll receive various rewards, such as experience points along with items and gold currency in Diablo 4. Each dungeon will also reward you with treasure chests. These chests provide you with valuable loot, which means a lot to you, especially when you're starting your journey in hell.

Do side quests and public events

Side quests are optional, but you should complete them as well. They are indicated on the map with a blue exclamation mark. These quests also help you in exploring new areas of the map when you've just started your journey in hell. You'll get everything from gold to renown when you complete these side quests. Public events are available from time to time in the game. They are indicated as orange icons on the map. You have to fight with tens of enemies to complete these events. In reward for defeating waves of enemies, you'll get chests.

Stash gems

Managing inventory takes a lot of patience and practice, but if you master it, you don't have to worry about the currency in Diablo 4 at all. Gems have different categories depending on their rarity. You can save these gems in your bag, but they can take up a lot of space, so one way of keeping them for the future is by stashing them.

Respec builds

Building your character can tell a lot about your future, and you have to get it right if you want to enjoy effortless fighting against enemies to a great extent. The skill features hundreds of skills for each tier. At the start of the game, you can Respec your builds. When you do this, all the skill points will reset, and you can reallot them again to the desired skills to get the most out of your build. For each Respec attempt, you have to pay a certain fee in gold coins, and this fee will increase with each attempt. In the start, Respec is free, so get it done as many times as you want. Experimenting with the skill tree will result in better character, so you have to do less grinding and hard work to clear dungeons and strongholds.