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​Diablo 4 Classes Guide: What 5 Classes are Returning to the Game

Feb-09-2023 PST Diablo4

Since the first launch of Diablo 4, players have been guessing about the classes in the games, and they are finally revealed. For now, five classes are coming to Diablo 4. Each class features a unique set of skills, and you can use these skills according to your strategy. You can change the appearance of each class. The customization includes facial features and the color of each character class. Below is the complete information about all five classes of Diablo 4, along with their skills.

1. Sorceress

The sorceress is known for dealing elemental damage to enemies. It uses the power of fire, frost, and lightning. To deal more damage, you should level cap sorceress as soon as possible.

Minor Destruction Skills

· Lightning – Deal damage to enemies with a bolt of lightning that bounces to other enemies as well, but the damage will be decreased by thirty percent after every hit.

· Fire Bolt – Use a flaming bolt to burn all the enemies and leave them bleeding for eight seconds.

· Frost Bolt – Chills enemies and deals damage to them with a bolt of frost.

· Arc Lash – Shocks enemies with arcing light and restores your mana.

Major Destruction Skills

· Charged Bolts – Shoots bolts of lightning to deal damage.

· Fireball – Throw a ball of fire at enemies, which will explode on contact to deal damage.

· Ice Shards – Deals damage with five shards of ice.

· Incinerate – Burn enemies with a beam of fire to deal damage, and the damage increases every second.

· Chain Lightning – Shoots a bolt of lightning at enemies that jump to other nearby enemies as well.

· Frozen Orb – Shoots an orb that contains piercing shards to deal damage.

2. Barbarian

Barbarian is a really tough guy, as he can take a lot of damage without worrying. He comes equipped with fury attacks. You can use these attacks by first building the fury. These attacks are very powerful and can finish off enemies in a hit or two.

Basic Skills

· Bash – Use weapons to deal damage, and this skill has a twenty percent chance to stun an enemy for half a second.

· Flay – Deals flay and bleeding damage using a slashing weapon.

· Frenzy – Deals damage to enemies with consecutive attacks using dual-wielding weapons.

· Lunging Strike – Strike an enemy for dealing damage.

Fury Skills

· Rend – Cleave monsters with a slashing weapon to deal bleeding damage.

· Hammer of The Ancients – Deals damage in a specific area by slamming the hammer of the ancients.

· Double Swing – Deals damage from two different directions with dual-wielding weapons.

· Upheaval – Deals damage by flying debris from the ground with a weapon.

· Whirlwind – Quickly attack nearby monsters to deal damage.

3. Druid

Druid is a shapeshifter who can take the form of a terrifying monster to finish off enemies. In the human form, druid uses elements. You can pick the right skills in the skill tree to make the true master of elements or a shapeshifter.

Basic Skills

· Earth spike – Uses earth to deal damage to the first enemy that it hits. The chances of dealing a crushing blow to an enemy are also increased by ten percent.

· Shred – Become a werewolf to tear off an enemy.

· Storm Strike – Deals damage to three weapons with an electrified weapon.

· Maul – Become a bear to kill an enemy.

· Wind Shear – Use a blade of wind to deal damage to enemies.

Spirit Skills

· Pulverize – Become a bear and deal damage to enemies by slamming the ground.

· Landslide – Use three pillars of the earth to crush the enemy.

· Tornado – Use a vortex to deal damage with each passing second.

4. Rogue

Rogue is a hybrid class in Diablo 4 and a master of ranged and melee combat. For melee damage, it uses daggers and swords, while crossbows and simple bows are used for ranged damage.

Specialization Skills

· Shadow Realm – Take enemies to a shadow realm to deal fifty percent more damage to them. It is because you are immune for a second.

· Exploit Weakness – Use weaknesses in enemy attacks for your benefit and deal sixty percent more damage.

· Combo Points – Each attack will add some combo points.

Imbue Skills

· Frost Imbue – Imbues all skills and attacks with the chill effect.

· Acid Imbue – Imbues all skills and attacks with the poison effect.

· Shadow Imbue – Imbues all skills and attacks with the shadow effect.

Melee Skills

· Shadow Step – Sends Rogue behind a target.

· Dash – Runs in the direction of the face of Rogue.

· Caltrops – Puts caltrops on the back of Rogue.

Ranged Skills

· Arrow Barrage – Fires many arrows at enemies.

· Rain of Arrows – Rogue will go up in the air and shoot many arrows at the enemies.

5. Necromancer

Necromancer is the summoner of the dead who features a lot more in Diablo 4. It casts various powerful spells using essence. You can regenerate the essence to launch unlimited attacks. Corpses of the dead are also the source of power for the necromancer. Its primary weapons include swords, wands, and daggers.

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