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Diablo 4 Guide: Everything You Need To Survive Sanctuary

Jul-21-2023 PST Diablo4

Surviving the Sanctuary in Diablo 4 isn’t possible without a few setbacks but not anymore, thanks to this sanctuary guide. Just like Diablo Immortal, you will be fighting against enemy bosses in the latest title. You also have to take part in events to show the world your true skills. Level up your builds to tackle high-level bosses single-handedly.

Classes and Character

The first step is to select a class from the five available options. Each class provides you with different abilities and skills that you can use on the battlefield. The game revolves around leveling your characters and buffing them with Diablo IV items.

· Barbarian – This is a melee class that wields various weapons.

· Necromancer – This class can bring back dead to use against enemies.

· Sorcerer – This is a mage class that can cast various spells.

· Rouge – This is a ranged melee class.

· Druid – This is an element class that can shapeshift into animals.

You can level up your character and equip skills. This is one of the main selling points of Diablo 4 harlequin crest.


To level up the character, you need experience points that you can get by killing monsters on the game map. In Diablo 4, each class has a separate set of skills that defines their true strength. At first, only basic skills will be available for each class, but new skills will unlock as you level up. To upgrade skills, you need skill points.

Items and Gear

Diablo 4 features five different tiers of items and gears ranging from common to magic, rare, legendary, and unique. Simply put, tier lists are set from worst to best. In the start, you will find common items, but as you level, you will get high-level items as well. These items provide you with stats, and you can sell them in the market, but this isn’t recommended. Instead, you should dismantle them and keep the raw material to craft more items in the future.


As the name suggests, renown helps you in taking a place on the leaderboard and getting bonuses for your character. To earn renown, you can complete tasks in the Sanctuary. There is a different renowned board for each region in the Sanctuary. Some of the best methods to earn renown are given below.

· Earn five points by discovering new areas.

· Discover new Lilith statues to earn ten points.

· Unlock waypoints to earn twenty points.

· Complete side quests to get twenty points for each quest.

· Complete dungeons to get thirty points for each dungeon.

· Complete strongholds to get one hundred points for each stronghold.

Dungeons and Strongholds

Dungeons are available on the game map, and they are identified by a gate icon on the mini-map. Each dungeon has a level requirement, and you have to meet these requirements to deal with a dungeon. Each dungeon features quests that you have to complete. Here are some of these quests.

· Enable gate controls.

· Release prisoners.

· Collect and Place statues.

· Defeat elite enemies.

· Defeat dungeon bosses.

· Fix broken pillars.

· Collect animus by defeating monsters.

Strongholds are indicated by a red skull on the map, and they feature enemies. You have to kill these enemies to clear a stronghold and restore peace.

Bosses and Elites

In the Sanctuary, you have to deal with elites and bosses to earn rewards. To find bosses, you have to go to dungeons because each dungeon features a boss, while strongholds also feature some bosses. Along with dungeons bosses, world bosses and campaign bosses are also available. Each boss is divided into phases to make it easy for players to defeat them. Once you have entered the second phase, a boss will drop health potions so you can restore your health and get ready for the next phase.

Repair and Upgrade items

There is a blacksmith in Diablo 4 which lets you repair and upgrade items. For now, the blacksmith will be available in the Zivek region of Kyovashad. Along with upgrading and repairing, he can also salvage items. Each item has durability, and it goes down with time. To increase the durability, you have to repair items by going to the blacksmith. Every time you die, the durability of your items will decrease by ten percent of total durability. You will need Diablo 4 gold to repair items.

Salvage is beneficial, especially for beginners. To salvage items, go to a blacksmith. After salvaging items, what you get can be used to upgrade other items. This is better than selling items. To upgrade items, you need raw materials and gold(if you have no time, you can buy diablo 4 boost service from MMOexp.com). When you want to upgrade an item, all the requirements and costs will be shown to you. You can upgrade each item for a limited time, such as rare items can be upgraded three times, while legendries items can be upgraded five times. To upgrade jewels, on the other hand, you’ll have to go to a jeweler.