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Diablo 4 Interactive Map Guide

Jul-29-2023 PST Diablo4

Diablo 4 features a big map with tons of different places that you’ll be exploring during your adventure. Given the scale of the map, remembering locations and getting to them can be difficult if you don’t understand the map. With this map guide, you’ll understand the map completely and learn about all the locations. Stay ahead of other players and explore the map like never before. Learning about the map isn’t necessary for traveling, but you also have to complete the main and side quests.

How big is the Diablo 4 map?

Compared to the previous Diablo title, the map of Diablo 4 is six times bigger, which means you can explore a lot more. Along with the size, many new features are also added to the map to help players in keeping track of ongoing events and quests to complete right on time and earn rewards.

Why is the Diablo 4 Interactive map better?

The interactive map in Diablo 4 helps players in finding everything from merchants to quests and quests, etc. Here are all the different components of the interactive map.

Locations and Waypoints

The biggest benefit of the interactive map is that you can easily find all the areas of sanctuary and engage in battle with enemies in these areas to earn rewards. To travel on the map, you can use waypoints.

Cellars and Dungeons

The interactive map features the exact location of all the available dungeons to help you save time and complete them. Get your hands-on artifacts to increase the performance of your character and take on hard challenges effortlessly. Cellars are the smaller versions of dungeons which are usually limited to a room. There is a single objective of these cellars that you have to complete in order to get rewards. There are five regions of cellars in Diablo 4.

Altars of Lilith

Just like dungeons, altars are also very difficult to find because they are hidden deep inside the map. Without the map, you’ll be grinding for hours to find these altars. Level up all your skills and abilities with these altars.


Diablo 4, keeping the old traditions, features both side and main quests that you can complete to get rewards. These quests are mostly provided by non-playing characters in the game, and finding them without the map is a difficult task. Without completing these quests, you won’t be able to progress the game. Main quests are mandatory, and there is no way that you can avoid them.

Vendors and Merchants

Diablo 4 features a complete economy where you can buy diablo 4 items and accessories from merchants on the map. These merchants can be found around the sanctuary. You can trade anything from armor to weapons with them. Along with purchasing items, you can also sell items that you have earned from quests to them to earn currency or get other items in return. The map doesn’t feature the location of the map, but you can pinpoint the location later to go there quickly.


Diablo 4 features various bosses, such as dungeon bosses, world bosses, stronghold bosses, campaign bosses, etc. When you fight a boss, a yellow bar will indicate its health, and the bar is usually large than other enemies. The map features locations of bosses so you can fight the right boss to get high-level items.


Taking part in events will land you a lot of rewards, but these events are time limited. Finding events without a map is difficult. If the time runs out, you won’t be able to take part in the event and earn rewards. The location of these events remains the same.


Stash boxes are available in Diablo 4 that enable you to keep your stuff safe and keep your bag empty to get more rewards. You stash in one location but can get those items back from any stash on the map, which will save you from traveling. Stashes features a lot of tabs to help you save more items. Stables

As the name suggests, you can go to stables to purchase mounts from stable masters. On the interactive map, the location is available.


Find a wardrobe using the map to change the appearance of your character according to your needs. Try new looks from time to time by going to a wardrobe.

How to use the interactive map?

If you are new to Diablo 4, follow these guidelines in order to use the map to get the most out of it.

· Use the search bar from the top right side of the map to type names of locations and points of interest and find them on the map. You can type anything from NPCs to events and merchants, etc., to find them with just one click.

· Filter categories on the map to view the desired location.

· Figure the shortest route to reduce travel time.

· View the map on the full screen using the expand map icon to look for the desired location on the map.

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