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​Diablo 4 Rogue Class, Skills, and Imbue System Guide

Feb-03-2023 PST Diablo4

If you are new to Diablo 4 and want to learn more about Rogue class, you are at the right place. Rogue was originally developed to take the role of dexterity, but it turned out to be a hybrid class with skills for both melee and range attacks. It also features good attacking and movement speed. It is hailed as a flexible class by experts.

Rogue pays tribute to previous titles of the Diablo series as it is inspired by characters of previous titles. You can become a male rogue or a female rogue according to your needs. You can make Gold in Diablo 4 by becoming a rogue.

Class Specializations

Rogue features a unique ability where it can choose from three different class specializations at the same time. Below are all three class specializations.

Shadow Realm

Rogue enters a realm of shadows where enemies can’t deal damage to him. He can take enemies to the realm with him to defeat them on his home ground. The shadow realm is yet another special that takes some time to build up, but once it’s completely built up, the character will be able to go to the shadow realm.

Things will get interesting in the realm as no enemy can damage you inside the realm while they are out of the realm. They have to enter the realm first to attack you, but you are already at your strongest place, so you will finish them in no time. This special helps you in taking control of the battlefield and the crowd. You can drag the hardest enemies to the realm and deal with them one by one.

Exploit Weakness

Rogue counter-attacks enemies with better damage, especially when they are waiting for their enemies to cool down. The exploit weakness special is also based on the idea of an existing special from the previous Diablo titles. With this special, players can launch a counter-attack against an enemy as soon as they finish using up their biggest attacking skill.

Combo Points

Generate points with the help of attacks and use those points on other abilities. When you complete some specific quests for non-playing characters in Diablo 4, you will unlock some special abilities. The most popular special of all those abilities is called the combo points. The combo points special follows the same idea as a class from Diablo 3.

You can point-generating abilities in order to get some combo points. Once you have enough combo points, you can spend them to gain a boost for other abilities.

With these specializations, the rogue can become a powerful character to complete any quests throughout Diablo 4. You can unlock these specializations through a simple process, but only one of them can be activated at a time.


As you already know, that rogue comes up with many skills to deal damage to enemies with ranged and melee weapons. This means that the rogue can use most of the weapons in Diablo 4. These weapons include bows, crossbows, swords, daggers, etc. This is good news because you don’t have to find new weapons after some time.

In terms of character customization, rogues feature good options. You can create a unique-looking character with tattoos, clothing items, hairstyles, etc. All these add ups to the fact that both in terms of abilities as well as looks, the rogue is very flexible.


For now, there is no confirmation from developers about the skills and abilities of the rogue. So below are some skills that will surely be in the talent tree of rogue. More skills will also be available in the final release. With these skills, you can understand what rogue will feature in the future.

· Stab

· Fire Arrow

· Dash – With this skill, you can move forward at a great speed.

· Caltrops – Surrounds enemies with various traps to deal damage after you trigger them. These traps have to be manually triggered.

· Forceful Arrow – A high-damage skill that wreaks havoc on a single target.

· Arrow Barrage – This combo skill can deal damage with arrows to more than one enemy at the same time.

· Rain of Arrows – It is an area of effective skill that shoots various arrows at the enemy to reduce their chances of survival.

Imbue System

Compared to other classes in Diablo 4, rouge will feature the imbue system, which is a new special mechanic. With this system, players can change their gameplay style while on the go. This way, they can switch from one battle to other with a single click.

You have to manually assign skills to imbue, and once that’s done, you will select an imbue, and rogue will use that skill. This imbue system comes in handy in group battles where you have to help your teammates as well.