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EA FC 24: Make Your Mark Tier List

Jun-20-2024 PST FC 24

The "Make Your Mark" promo in EA FC 24 has brought a plethora of special cards, highlighting players from nations participating in the Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024. With these cards eligible for up to three levels of upgrades, understanding their potential and effectiveness is crucial for players aiming to dominate the Ultimate Team mode. This tier list will help you navigate the first set of cards released during Week 1 of the promo, categorizing them based on their current and potential impact in the game.

EA FC 24: Make Your Mark Tier List

EA FC 24 Make Your Mark Tier List

In this tier list, the cards are grouped into five categories:

S Tier: The very best cards that dominate the meta.

A Tier: Cards close to S tier, which could match them with full upgrades.

B Tier: Decent items that require upgrades to compete with A and S tier.

C Tier: Mediocre cards that require a lot of skill to shine.

D Tier: Beginner-friendly items that are usable mainly in lower divisions.

S Tier Cards

These cards are the cream of the crop, offering exceptional performance right out of the box. With the potential for upgrades, they will only get better, making them must-haves for any competitive squad.

Virgil Van Dijk: Dominant defender with great physicality and defensive stats.

Alejandro Garnacho: Speedy winger with excellent dribbling and finishing.

Alexis Mac Allister: Versatile midfielder with solid all-around stats.

Federico Di Marco: Reliable full-back with strong defensive and crossing abilities.

Cole Palmer: Creative playmaker with excellent vision and passing.

Aurelien Tchouameni: Strong defensive midfielder with great tackling and interceptions.

Rafael Leao: Explosive forward with high pace and finishing.

A Tier Cards

These cards are very close to the S tier in terms of potential and performance. With the right upgrades, they can become just as formidable.

Gabriel Martinelli: Agile winger with great dribbling and pace.

Randall Kolo Muani: Powerful striker with good physicality and finishing.

Nico Williams: Fast winger with good dribbling and crossing.

Xavi Simons: Creative midfielder with excellent passing and dribbling.

Mykhailo Mudryk: Speedy winger with good dribbling and shooting.

Yan Couto: Solid right-back with good pace and defensive skills.

B Tier Cards

These cards are decent but need upgrades to truly shine. They can be good investments for players looking to build a strong team over time.

Benjamin Sesko: Tall striker with good heading and finishing.

Weston McKennie: Box-to-box midfielder with good stamina and tackling.

Arthur Theate: Reliable center-back with decent defensive stats.

Noah Okafor: Versatile forward with good pace and dribbling.

Jakub Kiwior: Solid defender with good tackling and strength.

Scott McTominay: Physical midfielder with good defensive skills.

Maximilian Mittelstadt: Dependable left-back with decent pace and crossing.

C Tier Cards

These cards require a lot of skill and perhaps some upgrades to be effective. They are not the best choices for top-tier competitive play.

Alistair Johnston: Versatile defender with decent stats.

Radu Dragusin: Tall center-back with good physicality.

Manuel Ugarte: Defensive midfielder with decent tackling.

Pascal Gross: Midfielder with good passing but lacking in pace.

Alexander Bah: Full-back with decent defensive and attacking skills.

Borna Sosa: Left-back with good crossing but average defensive stats.

Robin Le Normand: Center-back with decent defensive attributes.

D Tier Cards

These are beginner-friendly items that are primarily useful in lower divisions. They lack the stats to compete at higher levels without significant upgrades.

Ivan Toney: Striker with decent finishing but lacking in pace.

Ivan Ilic: Midfielder with average stats across the board.

Jorge Sanchez: Right-back with decent pace but average defensive skills.

Georges Mikautadze: Forward with decent dribbling but lacking in physicality.

Alan Minda: Winger with good pace but average technical stats.

Gabriel Villamil: Midfielder with decent passing but lacking in other areas.

Robert Bozenik: Striker with good heading but average overall stats.

Potential for Upgrades

All "Make Your Mark" items can increase their overall ratings by up to two points and receive boosted chemistry. However, the likelihood of achieving these upgrades varies. Path to Glory upgrades are generally easier to achieve, offering a more reliable path to improving your cards.

Future Additions

This list will expand with new entrants when the Team 2 cards are launched. Additionally, more promo cards are expected to arrive via Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in the coming days, providing further opportunities to strengthen your Ultimate Team.


The "Make Your Mark" promo in EA FC 24 has introduced a diverse set of cards with varying potentials. Understanding their current and future impact is crucial for building a competitive squad. By focusing on S and A tier cards, and keeping an eye on potential upgrades, and Boost your Ultimate Team in EA FC 24 with the best deals on FC 24 coins!

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