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EA FC 24: Top 10 Speed Demons to Boost Your Career Mode Team

Jun-27-2024 PST FC 24

Managing a club in EA Sports FC 24's Career Mode requires careful consideration of various aspects such as overall ratings, potential, age, and individual statistics. One crucial stat that can give you an edge on the pitch is pace. Fast players can make a significant difference in your team's performance, especially when you control the matches manually. Here are the ten fastest players you can sign in EA Sports FC 24's Career Mode.

EA FC 24: Top 10 Speed Demons to Boost Your Career Mode Team

10. Rafael Leão (AC Milan)

Overall Rating: 86

Position: LW

Pace: 93

Rafael Leão is an incredibly effective winger who can significantly bolster your attack. His pace allows for excellent runs down the left flank, making him a valuable asset for any top club. With an overall rating of 86 and a potential of 93, he is a long-term investment that will require substantial funds.

9. Kevin Schade (Brentford)

Overall Rating: 72

Position: LW

Pace: 94

Kevin Schade is a promising talent with a high pace stat of 94. Playing for Brentford, he is ideal for longer rebuilds due to his potential growth to an overall rating of 82. His speed makes him a constant threat to opposing defenses, and he can develop into a crucial player over several seasons.

8. Jeremie Frimpong (Bayer Leverkusen)

Overall Rating: 84

Position: RWB

Pace: 94

Jeremie Frimpong is well-known in Career Mode for his incredible pace and crossing abilities. He fits perfectly in a five-at-the-back formation but can also be utilized as a right midfielder. With a potential rating of 88, Frimpong is a versatile player who can become one of the best in the game.

7. Iñaki Williams (Athletic Club)

Overall Rating: 82

Position: RM

Pace: 94

Iñaki Williams is a loyal Athletic Club player known for his speed and attacking prowess. His pace makes him an excellent choice for the right midfielder position, and he can also excel as a striker. Williams' overall rating of 82 and his ability to dominate opponents with his speed make him a valuable signing.

6. Sirlord Conteh (Paderborn)

Overall Rating: 67

Position: ST

Pace: 95

Sirlord Conteh is a hidden gem with a pace stat of 95. Although his overall rating is relatively low, his speed alone makes him a fun and effective player, especially in the early stages of a Road to Glory rebuild. Conteh can also play as a winger, providing versatility in your attacking options.

5. Moussa Diaby (Aston Villa)

Overall Rating: 83

Position: RW

Pace: 95

Moussa Diaby is a standout player for Aston Villa, known for his incredible pace and dribbling skills. His ability to move swiftly and maneuver past defenders makes him an excellent signing. With an overall rating of 83 and a pace of 95, Diaby can enhance any team's attacking prowess.

4. Vinícius Jr (Real Madrid)

Overall Rating: 89

Position: LW

Pace: 95

Vinícius Jr is one of the best players in Career Mode, with outstanding pace and dribbling abilities. His overall rating of 89 and potential of 94 make him a top priority for any top club manager. Vinícius Jr's speed and skill on the ball can be game-changing in crucial matches.

3. Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich)

Overall Rating: 82

Position: LB

Pace: 95

Alphonso Davies is the fastest full-back in the game, making him an invaluable asset for any team. His pace and acceleration are unmatched, allowing him to cover ground quickly and support both defense and attack. With a potential rating of 87, Davies can develop into one of the best left-backs in the game.

2. Karim Adeyemi (Borussia Dortmund)

Overall Rating: 80

Position: LM

Pace: 96

Karim Adeyemi is officially the second-fastest player in EA Sports FC 24's Career Mode. His pace of 96 makes him a must-sign for managers looking to exploit opposition defenses. Adeyemi starts with an overall rating of 80 and a potential of 87, but his value increases rapidly, making him a worthwhile investment early on.

1. Kylian Mbappé (Paris Saint-Germain)

Overall Rating: 91

Position: ST

Pace: 97

Kylian Mbappé is the fastest player in EA Sports FC 24 and the highest-rated with an overall of 91. His pace stat of 97 allows him to outrun any defender with ease. Mbappé's potential of 94 ensures he remains at the top of the game, making him a prime target for any manager, despite the high cost of signing him.


Pace is a critical factor in EA Sports FC 24's Career Mode, and these ten players provide some of the best options to enhance your team's speed. Whether you're building a squad from scratch or adding to an already strong lineup, these players can offer the burst of speed needed to outpace opponents and secure victories. Get a lot of FC 24 coins in MMOexp to get your favorite players. Prioritize signing these speedsters to give your team the competitive edge on the pitch.

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