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EA Sports FC 24: What's Changing in the Long-Running FIFA Establishment

Sep-04-2023 PST FC 24

The long-running FIFA franchise, known for its consistent gameplay and incremental improvements, is undergoing a name change this year to EA Sports FC. While the series has often opted for smaller iterative changes, the upcoming installment, FC 24, promises several noteworthy updates. Now, we will explore some of the key changes and additions that fans should be aware of.

Hypermotion V: Enhanced Realism and Authenticity

Building upon the new animation technology introduced in FIFA 22, FC 24 continues to enhance the Hypermotion system. Hypermotion V incorporates motion capture from real players using multiple cameras located in stadiums during live matches. This advancement aims to deliver even greater realism and authenticity in player movements. Each player will have their own unique running style, further adding to the immersive experience.

Play Styles: Diverse On-Pitch Capabilities

FC 24 introduces Play Styles, an evolution of previous attribute systems. Real-world data informs the 34 distinct play styles available, covering various phases of play, such as interceptions, first touch, finesse shots, and goalkeepers' abilities. Players with a specific play style can unlock a Play Style Plus variant, amplifying their effectiveness in that particular area. For example, Erling Haaland will have the PowerShot Play Style Plus, making his strikes even deadlier.

Manager Career Mode: Focus on Coaching Staff and Match Preparation

Career mode in FC 24 places a significant emphasis on coaching and match preparation. Players will need to recruit and manage their own full coaching staff, each specializing in different areas. The quality of your coaching team directly impacts the growth of your players. The attributes that improve will be influenced by the makeup of your coaching staff. Additionally, the game introduces training plans, allowing you to define specific training regimens for individual players. Balancing performance and fitness throughout the season becomes crucial for success.

Match Ready Training and Spectate Matches

FC 24 adds match ready training, where pre-match drills contribute to unlocking temporary play styles for participating players. The drills chosen, players involved, and their positions determine which play styles can be unlocked. Furthermore, players can now spectate matches, immersing themselves in the managerial role. Although control over players is limited, substitutions and tactical changes can be made in real time.

Player Career Mode: Enhanced Control with Player Agents

In player career mode, the addition of player agents brings greater control over career progression. Players can select a specific team they aim to join, and the agent will provide short and long-term goals to work towards. This allows players to shape their career path and have a more dynamic experience.

Ultimate Team Evolutions and Player Upgrades

Ultimate Team, the flagship mode in FIFA games, introduces Evolutions in FC 24. This revamped progression system provides more control over the development of each player on your team. Completing specific objectives unlocks player evolutions, resulting in stat and attribute improvements, as well as visual upgrades. Players can also customize various attributes, including weak footability, work rate, skill moves, and play styles, allowing for a tailored gameplay experience.

Visual and Technical Improvements

While not featuring a radical leap, FC 24 enhances player models with more detailed representations. The cloth system introduces realistic fabric deformation and wrinkling in players' kits. Improved lighting, known as feature lighting, enhances contrast and depth, creating a more cinematic match experience. The game also includes new commentary and cut scenes, showcasing celebrations and key moments during matches, as well as improved match introductions for a more immersive pre-match experience.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer and Enhanced Switch Version

Building upon previous installments, FC 24 expands cross-platform multiplayer to all multiplayer modes, allowing players on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC to play together, while PS4, Xbox One, and Switch players remain within their respective platforms. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch version of FC 24 marks a significant improvement. It moves to the Frostbite engine, introduces play styles, and offers a full-fledged Ultimate Team experience, elevating the gameplay on this platform.


EA Sports FC 24 says it should be released in late September or early October. Everything depends on how smooth the development process is. The specific date will be announced when the game is fully revealed, and it is expected to take place in the summer of 2023. With the update of the game, FC 24 coins will also become very popular. Most of the fans are already looking forward to buying FC 24 coins.

In any case, while the FIFA institution may not undergo extremist change, it will continue to refine and enhance the programs it has developed. Advances in movements, playing styles, career modes, and visual upgrades ensure a more vivid and reasonable football experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the series, FC 24 offers a range of exciting highlights to look forward to.