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​FIFA 23 Best Attacking Tactics - Tips to Fast Level-up

Dec-12-2022 PST FIFA 23

To level up in FIFA 23, you need to attack the goalpost of other teams. For pro footballers, this isn’t hard, but beginners, on the other hand, have to go the extra mile to reach the level cap. These fifteen attacking tips are everything you need to upgrade your character.

1. Attack Through Wings

Most of the time, the middle area of the football field is crowded, so you should attack from the sides, also called wings. Once you reach a corner flag, go for a cutback pass, as opponents can’t easily handle it.

2. In-Between Cross

The in-between cross is also another attacking tactic that enables you to take the ball toward the goalpost through space between two opponents. You should always look for the space as this is one in a hundred chance.

3. Ball Roll+Cross

For this tactic, you have to roll the ball between your strikers while they are running toward the box of the other team and cross it at the right moment. This tactic is very effective and provides your strikers with added accuracy. It leaves defenders of the other team baffled while your strikers manage to score a goal.

4. One-Touch Through Ball

One-Touch Through Ball is an effective attacking tactic were to have to press some keys at the right time in order to keep the ball under your control. This tactic can be pulled off by three players, and they have to run forward and move the ball between them. Once they are near the goalpost, the person in the middle will go for the goal.

5. Driven Lobbed Pass(L1+R1)

The driven lobbed pass is an overpowered attack tactic in FIFA 23. This tactic helps you shoot the ball at a long distance, and you can add some more swing.

6. Trivela Shot

Trivela is a new shot that can be pulled off by pressing L2 once the power bar is filled up to three bars. This is a powerful shot.

7. Power Shot Across

For passive playstyle, the power shot is a good option as it enables you to cut past lanes without doing much of a struggle. Once you have passed these lines, the next step is to wait for the power bar to raise to three bars and then shoot the ball.

8. Player Locks

Player locks have become the darling move of pro players these days, and this requires some practice, but those who have mastered it enjoy benefits over others. It is a hard move and involves a lot of passing between players. The most appropriate pass for this tactic is the square pass. Keeping performing the square pass until you reach the box and then shoot the ball into the post at the right angle to score a goal.

9. Shielding

The shielding tactic is underrated, but it gets the job done. You have to shield the ball and protect it from opponents by holding the L2 key. If you are in the enemy field and can’t find any teammates to pass the ball to them, you can just shield the ball and reach the goalpost by yourself.

10. Right Stick Pace Boost

As the name suggests, this tactic involves holding down stock and going forward at a boosted pace. This tactic is underrated to some extent. It works well in an open space, so you may have to clear some to perfectly pull this off.

11. Agile Dribbling

Agile dribbling is a better option compared to stick dribbling as you have to hold down in agile dribbling. To have better control over the ball, you can simply press the R1 key from time to time.

12. Reverse Elastico

Reverse elastico is a nightmare for defenders as the chances of predicting this tactic are very thin. You have to find the right angle to perfectly pull this attic. You also need to go to the practice arena to learn the reverse elastico before you can try in a real match. For this move, the third-person camera angle isn’t a good option. It is ranked as a five-star move.

13. Heel To Ball Roll

Heel to ball roll tactic is very effective in almost all situations. You can score a large number of goals with this tactic. It is a four-star skill where you have to hold on to the L1 key. To change the direction of the shot, use the X key. Once the direction is determined, the next step is to simply press the L1 to shoot the ball.

14. Create Motion

Create motion is a good tactic for FIFA 23, where your players will score a goal with a comb short.