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How to Fast Travel in Skull and Bones

May-14-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Welcome to the world of Skull and Bones, where you can sail freely and happily. While sailing offers its own charm, the need for expediency and safety sometimes calls for a faster mode of transportation. Fast travel emerges as a crucial tool for navigating treacherous waters efficiently and securing respite from adversarial forces. Although the game subtly introduces this feature, mastering it can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Here, we unveil the secrets of fast travel and its indispensable role in your seafaring journey.

How to Fast Travel in Skull and Bones

How to Fast Travel:

Unlocking Destinations: Fast travel is contingent upon your prior exploration of a location. Only areas you've previously visited and marked as outposts will be accessible for fast travel. Keep an eye out for the double arrow icon on the map, indicating destinations eligible for swift traversal.

Docking Requirement: Before initiating fast travel, ensure your vessel is safely docked at a port or outpost. Attempting to fast travel while sailing is futile and poses unnecessary risks to your crew and ship.

Outpost Expansion: To expand your fast travel options, disembark at various outposts during your voyages. Each outpost you visit becomes a potential waypoint for swift navigation. Merely sailing past a location won't suffice; you must set foot on the outpost to unlock it for fast travel.

Navigation Interface: Access the map interface to pinpoint your desired destination. Locations eligible for fast travel will display the double arrow icon. Select your destination, and the option for fast travel will manifest in the location's description.

Boarding Fast Travel: Alternatively, while aboard your ship, you can opt for fast travel directly from the navigation menu. Simply choose the "Fast Travel" option situated above "Set Sail" to expedite your journey.

Cost Consideration: Fast travel isn't free. Each swift voyage incurs a silver cost, with expenses escalating based on the distance to your destination. Take note of the associated fee displayed when highlighting a location on your map to make informed decisions regarding your expenditure.


As you delve deeper into the intricacies of fast travel within Skull and Bones, remember that mastery of this feature grants you unparalleled navigational prowess and strategic advantage on the high seas. To enhance your maritime journey even further, consider augmenting your resources with MMOexp's offerings of Skull and Bones Silver and Skull and Bones Items. With these invaluable assets at your disposal, you can embark on expeditions with confidence, knowing you have the means to navigate perilous waters and emerge victorious in encounters with rival crews. Set sail, seize the horizon, and forge your legend in the boundless expanse of Skull and Bones.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team