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How to Get Lime in Skull and Bones Season 2

Jun-28-2024 PST Skull and Bones

In the open-world pirate game Skull and Bones, Lime is an important crafting resource that is used in a variety of recipes - from gunpowder to shipbuilding materials. Unlike other resources that can be harvested directly from the environment, Lime is a little tricky to obtain. However, there are some reliable methods that players can use to stockpile this valuable commodity.

How to Get Lime in Skull and Bones Season 2

The first and most straightforward way to obtain Lime is to purchase it from vendors at certain outposts in the game world. One of the best sources is the Navigator's Cross Outpost in the Jiwe region, which is an Ungwana military camp located northwest of Moon Island. The Ungwana faction controls several waterways in this part of the map, and their outposts will usually have Lime available for players to purchase.

Of course, being a pirate game, the more adventurous method is to simply take Lime by force. Certain enemy ships, particularly those belonging to the Ungwana Confederacy, will carry Lime as part of their cargo. By using a telescope to scout these "Ungwana Burner" ships in the Jiwe region, players can identify targets and formulate a plan of attack.

These Ungwana ships are no pushovers, however. They tend to be well-armed, equipped with powerful firearms, and manned by experienced sailors. Approaching them head-on can lead to disaster, so players will need to be prepared. Equipping fire protection gear can help mitigate damage from a burner flamethrower while having plenty of repair kits on hand is essential to keeping one's own ship in fighting shape.

Once a Ungwana ship has been defeated, players can board it and loot the Lime from the wreckage. This is a risky move, as the ship may sink before you have a chance to retrieve the resources. Alternatively, you can simply destroy the ship and then pick up the Lime floating in the water. Regardless, it's a risky but potentially lucrative way to obtain this valuable crafting material.

Players should note that Ungwana Burners aren't the only ships that may be transporting Lime. Other high-level privateers and warships from rival factions may also store resources in their cargo holds. These ships will be much harder to take down, so less experienced players may want to steer clear and focus on Ungwana targets first.

In addition to purchasing from vendors and looting enemy ships, players can use another method to obtain Lime in Skull and Bones. The MMoexp Market will offer Lime as part of its inventory, a lot of Skull and Bones Items and Silver here, which can pay off in the long run.

Ultimately, while Lime may not be the easiest resource to obtain in Skull and Bones, its importance in crafting makes it a must-have for any aspiring pirate captain. By using a combination of vendor purchases, ship looting, and site purchases, players can ensure they have a steady supply of this vital material to power their seafaring adventures. With the right strategy and a little luck, the high seas can yield a Lime-based fortune.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team