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​Madden NFL 23 - 15 Features You Need to Know About

Aug-30-2022 PST Madden 23

Meta Description: There is a lot to know about the new football game Madden 23 released by EA, and we have all the information you need here.

For EA's yearly sports games, incremental updates are usually the norm. On the most recent hardware, though, the next soccer simulator from EA Tiburon is in its third season. The main approach promised by Madden NFL 23 takes advantage of the potent AI and computational capabilities of the top gaming PCs Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Older technology prevents you from using Madden NFL 23's unique gaming features.

However, many features and updates have been added in this new season of Madden 23 NFL, but the gaming currency is the same as in the previous season, "MUT Coins." To make your team strong and skilled, you must collect a bundle of Madden 23 Coins if you want to show aggression while playing the game. If you cannot collect and don't have time to earn while playing the game, this problem also has a solution: you can buy MUT 23 coins easily from any trusted online store.

In order to gain insight into what the game will be like before its release on August 19, we will try to review a few new features before the game is released:

1. Madden 23: FieldSENSE Offensive Line Overhauls

The offensive game in Madden NFL 23 is said to have undergone a significant overhaul. Runners are now reportedly able to slow down, immediately shift their weight, or make ultra-fluid 360-degree cuts for quick direction changes, giving them the freedom to get through any open gaps in the defensive line. Instead of relying too much on speed or raw strength, the running game seems to be a lot more delicate affair.

2. Madden 23: Field SENSE Defensive Line Overhauls

The defensive play in Madden NFL 23 has also been updated. As part of the defense, next-generation Hit-Stick physics have been added that enable blow-up blocks, mid-air knockouts, force turnovers, and physics-based gang tackles that allow you to assist a tackle already in progress. This is part of a development by EA called "Hit Everything."

3. Madden 23: It's John Madden on the cover

It's exciting to see living legend John Madden on this year's cover of Madden NFL 23. John Madden's appearance on the cover of this year's issue is a dignified tribute to the legendary coach and pundit - and series' namesake - following his unexpected death in December.

4. Madden 23: all-new passing system

Among the biggest changes in Madden NFL 23's passing system are the targeting reticule and passing meter. In this way, quarterbacks are able to distribute the ball with surgical accuracy, passing it to only wide receivers who can catch it after using reticules to lead receivers and passing meters to drop in back-shoulder throws.

5. Madden 23: All-Madden Edition

A selection of two elite players, 3 days early access, 4600 Madden points, and all Madden gear and strategy items are included with this version. Despite the high price tag, there is still roughly a week remaining to get an additional pre-order bonus of an All-Madden Team Elite Player for the All-Madden Edition.

6. Madden 23: Defensive Back Battles vs Wide Receiver

In Madden NFL 23, wide receivers and defensive backs compete against each other one-on-one. This is a feature designed to complement the new skills-based passing mechanic. A receiver can use moves to drop defenders and escape into open spaces, while safety ties and cornerbacks can pressure the line to slow him down.

7. Madden 23: Mid-Preseason Launching

There will be a Madden NFL 23 release on August 19, when the NFL 2022 preseason runs from August 5 to August 28. This is consistent with Madden's past practices and ensures that players can become familiar with the game's upgraded mechanics before the NFL season officially kicks off on September 8.

8. Madden 23: Upgraded Contracts System

For Madden NFL 23, franchise mode also receives an improvement. The key word here is authenticity, with athletes' real-time contract discussions influenced by factors like income and location in addition to the allure of playing for their club. According to EA Tiburon, the NFL free agency period is expected to be more dramatic as athletes become more driven to get the best deal possible for themselves.

9. Madden 23: Commitment to realism

EA Tiburon has also updated the dynamic gameday mechanisms. In other words, home advantage will be more apparent, players will mishear plays owing to crowd noise, and play-by-play, momentum, and team confidence will change.

10. Madden 23: Overhauled Bye Week Scenarios

As another element of Madden NFL 23, bye weeks will receive an overhaul as players and coaches recover from their football season's grind. The bye week features that have been announced for Madden NFL 23 took effect in April, and EA Tiburon updates it regularly throughout the year.

11. Madden 23: Starting to Emerge Rookie Ratings

Observing how rookies perform is one of the most thrilling components of every new NFL season. Normally, EA releases rookie ratings throughout draught week, but they have mainly kept quiet this year. New participants have begun to provide specifics in the last week by sharing stories on their social media profiles.

12. Madden 23: X-Factor Abilities Return

For Madden NFL 23, the superstar abilities that correspond to their real-life equivalents are back. The PS5 beta has already revealed the list of players who have received an X-Factor ability. There is a chance that more players will be added to the roster in September when the NFL season begins. Superstars, or those with talents that are superior to their metrics but aren't quite at the X-Factor level, are also expected to remain. However, X-Factor hot streaks are brand-new in Madden NFL 23. As a result, a game will begin with one or more opponents having their X-Factor talent active, increasing the difficulty immediately.

13. Madden 23: Create-A-Team Mode Still Missing

Despite being one of the most often asked-for features by series fans, create-a-team will sadly not be returning in Madden 23. The ability to create your own squad out of a plethora of randomly selected alternatives or create a fantasy franchise by handpicking NFL players in Madden 23 is perplexing, despite EA Tiburon's claims that they are taking feedback from past editions into account.

14. Madden 23: Franchise Modes Return and Ultimate Team

Create-A-team may still be on the outside looking in because of EA's Ultimate Squad option, but Madden 23 allows you to assemble your ideal team of active NFL players, Hall of Famers, and sporting superstars. The face of the Franchise is also returned, giving gamers the option to take charge of their own athlete who is vying for NFL greatness and "play their way into the history books."

15. Madden 23: Crossplay Between Diff Gen Consoles

The Cross-Play feature for Madden NFL 23 hasn't been officially announced yet. Sadly, it's probable that it won't be included in the newest version of EA's football simulation before its August release.

Final Thoughts

Do these features have the potential to change the way we interact with games in the future? Which elements will become the most influential factors in the future? Which of the changes you have liked the most about Madden 23 so far is your favorite? mmoexp has all the latest tips, info, and news about Madden 23. Stay tuned with mmoexp and stay up-to-date.