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​Madden 23: How to Fix SSL connect error

Mar-20-2023 PST Madden 23

Connect Error in Madden 23 is annoying and makes it oppugning to play the game, but there are several things you may do to resolve the SSL connect problem in Madden 23.

Even though Madden 23 has seen an incredible amount of commercial success, that does not mean that it is devoid of any technical problems. When attempting to join the game or make use of its online capabilities, a significant number of players have recently been confronted with an SSL connect error. The situation may be aggravating to you, but there are solutions you can implement so that you can resolve this issue. We will investigate what the SSL connect error is, why it occurs, and how you can quickly correct it following the process in this article. Continue reading in order to resume playing Madden NFL 23 without any further interruptions!

What is SSL Connect Error?

When attempting to connect to a secure server, you might encounter an SSL connect error. Various factors may contribute to this, including, but not limited to the following: This could be caused by the three issues with the server:

· The server's certificate is invalid

· The server's address is incorrect

· This cab is due to a configuration issue with the server

In the event that you are seeing this error, the validity of the server's certificate should be checked as soon as possible. If the certificate does not appear to be valid, you will need to get in touch with the administrator of the server so that they can issue you a new certificate.

If the certificate is legitimate, but you are still receiving the error, the problem is most likely caused by either of the other two problems. Ensure that the server's address has been correctly typed in, to begin with. If this is the case, but you are still unable to establish a connection, there may be an issue with the way the server is configured. In this particular instance, you will be required to get in touch with the administrator in order to receive additional assistance.

Fix SSL Connect Error in Madden 23

There are a few different solutions you may test out in the event that the SSL connect problem occurs when you're playing Madden 23.

· In order to play the game without SSL connect error, you will need to make sure that you have logged into your EA account using the correct credentials on PS4, PS5, or PC where ever you play the game. The terms and conditions will appear in a new window that will automatically open after you click on the login tab. Be sure to read and accept the Terms & Conditions before continuing. Enter again with the same profile information. The SSL connect issue should be resolved if you follow the steps.

· The second thing that you should do is make sure that your computer is correctly setting the time and date on the clock. On your computer or gaming console, you'll be able to change the time and date by going to the Date and Time settings in the control panel.

· Third, you should attempt to restart both your computer and your router. By doing this, any connection problems that may have been the source of the issue will be resolved.

· Fourth, double-check the settings for your firewall. Ensure that the game is not being prevented from connecting to the internet by the use of a firewall.

· This will usually solve the problem for the moment, but if it does not resolve it, you might want to try emptying the DNS cache. To do this, enter the command prompt and type "ipconfig /flushdns." Doing so will accomplish the task. Altering the DNS server that you use is still another option.

You may learn more about Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) by selecting the "Networking" option and scrolling down until you see it. After clicking on it, go to the "Properties" tab. If you go to "General" and make the changes there, you will be able to set the "Preferred DNS server" to as well as the "Alternate DNS server" to These are several of the public DNS servers made available by Google that you can make use of. You might also try using a different web browser, or you could try utilizing Chrome's Incognito mode if you are already using Chrome.


We really hope that our post was able to assist you in fixing the SSL connect error that you were experiencing in Madden 23. If you want to get back into playing your favorited game as soon as possible, following the steps that were given above should assist you, despite the fact that it is not an easy effort. Keep in mind that if you have exhausted all other options, you can always ask for assistance from other players or from tech support, both of which have successfully resolved their own problems with SSL connection difficulties. Good luck, and happy gaming!