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​How to claim Madden NFL 23 Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack for free

Mar-06-2023 PST Madden 23

One of the biggest bonuses available to new gamers is the Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack for Madden NFL 23.  Let's explore how to get this to strengthen the squads, including unique cards.

In the ordinary course of events, users will be required to make purchases inside the Madden NFL 23 with MUT coins in order to get packs, or they will be required to purchase premium currencies. This is one of the key ways in which the Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack differentiates itself from the normal alternatives.

It is not technically free since you need to have an active Amazon Prime Gaming membership in order to access it. Because members will not be required to invest any resources, either in real life or inside Madden NFL 23, this feature is provided at no cost. Let's have a look at the several steps that players of Madden NFL 23 will have available to them in order to unlock the aforementioned content.

To get the pack, it is mandatory that you have a current membership to Amazon Prime Gaming. There will be some more procedures that are necessary for subscribers to complete before they can claim their goodies from the in-game shop.

Madden 23: Let’s Get the Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack

The value of Amazon Prime Gaming is increased because it routinely provides subscribers with exciting rewards. There are a number of games that are included, and Madden NFL 23 is one of those games that have a monthly gift offering by Prime Gaming. Among the various offerings that were offered this month, we have the Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack, which was a particularly noteworthy offering for everyone who enjoyed the game.

The currently available deal is significantly superior to the standard deals, and players can find incredible value in it. The most fundamental requirement is to have a current subscription, and once that has been satisfied, players are responsible for completing the following steps in order to add the rewards to their game:

· Visit the Amazon Prime Gaming website and go to the homepage there.

· On the homepage, the offer for the Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack will be presented, and users can then request it from that page.

· It will be necessary to link a player's EA account to the Prime Gaming website in order for the rewards to display in the manner that was intended.

· It is required that your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation account be linked to your EA account in order to be eligible for these rewards.

· It will not take long for the claimed rewards to appear on your in-game store after you have successfully linked up your two accounts.

· The process of linking is a one-time-only thing, and you won't have to go through it again in the future. As a matter of fact, if you have played a game for a long time, like Madden 23, and have redeemed Prime Gaming Rewards for that particular game, then your accounts are likely already linked.

Where to Find Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack in Madden 23

Go to the Madden NFL 23 game's shop and choose the "Packs" option when you get there. Discover the Zero Chill bundle that you have for free through Prime Gaming. You may add the new goods to your Ultimate Team by opening the Zero Chill pack.

Each player who redeems the Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack receives two things that are completely unique to them. 91 overalls, a participant in the Zero Chill Program and Standard Operating Procedure for the Zero Chill Program. All gamers of Madden NFL 23 who are subscribing to Prime Gaming have the chance to take advantage of this fantastic offer. There will be further options available at a later time, but it's probable that this one will be superior to the others. Later on, in the month of January, a new round of deals will become available, and they will include more things for the Ultimate Team mode.

This pack provides you with a variety of high-quality products that may assist you in assembling a formidable ultimate squad. You will also get two tickets to a future Madden NFL event as part of this deal.

Final Thoughts

As a result of reading this article, you are now familiar with all of the procedures necessary to submit a claim for your free Madden NFL 23 Zero Chill Ultimate Team Pack. You don't have to worry about shelling out any money, and you may get it in no time at all. This is an excellent method to get started with Madden NFL 23, and it will give you the opportunity to check that you have all of the necessary gear before you engage in combat with other players, either online or offline. Now that you have this information, you should be ready to start claiming your pack and having fun while you're doing it.