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Mained Astellia Online Asper for my short preexpansion

Oct-18-2019 PST Astellia Online

This is a phenomenal resource as AST is my last Healing Job I plan on Astellia Online Asper levelling and a lot of the changes/additions aren't all too clear to my smoothbrain Caster dps point of view.

I only really play Healer while doing roulettes and EX trials so Momo's SCH Dungeon Guide helped a ton. I would love to see an addendum on a typical dungeon run where you go over cooldown management, card/divination strategies, Lightspeed usage and more detail in sect usage (beyond preshielding).

I also dabble in playing Scholar for EX Trials and while I appreciate your point of view in your approach to healing, I feel like there is an element missing for unorganized PUG play where shit goes sideways more often than not. What cooldowns can I lean on the most for undergeared or unaware tanks? How do you handle cards/divination on groups that pop cooldowns when they feel like it or when they realize they've been sitting on Devotion/Brotherhood/Embolden/etc. for two whole minutes after coming up again? In other words, how can I carry harder as an AST better than the typical player?

Thanks for your insight, these guides are a wonderful distraction for those of us looking to kill time while stuck at work!

Ya boi Zyrk? Was that a Diversity and Comics reference? Anywho, I enjoyed the guide before, and mained Astellia Online Asper for my short pre-expansion time at the end of Shadowbringers, before the change to the class and the fact that I played through the storyline as Summoner had me playing Scholar for my static. Leveling it right now and look forward to going over the update.

I just picked up AST at level 70 yesterday to level and was overwhelmed.. and thanks god the MP issue is not only my problem. I burn the mana fast... like seriously.

Has this been tested actually (and I missed it?) I believed Cards had only to do with DPS, but if they do cover Tanks and Heals, I'm even happier.

I think the cards mention tanks and healers. The media tour tooltips didn't but since 5.0 release they've been accurate.

I'm asking because on the buy Astellia Online Asper french tooltip it's not that clear. I think it says something along the lines "offensive jobs" which is a bit misleading!

The melee cards (Balance, Arrow, Spear) can be used on melee and tanks for the 6%, and the ranged cards (Bole, Ewer, Spire) can be used on ranged (magical and physical) and healers for 6%.

The cards that benefit melee also benefit the tank in terms of dps, same with the ranged cards working for healers for dps.

Thanks. I just checked the english tool tip which actually is explicit on this. :) I wonder why the French one is so vague.