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Astellia Online Asper just looks very good

Nov-06-2019 PST Astellia Online

This is it, the thing that broke it for me. Not the business model, not the performance or combat. It's dialogue like this that this game is filled with.

When at least every 10th mmo from asia wouldnt be full of this childish shit and a little bit more "western" or "serious" I would play a lot more of them...

What were they thinking when they put that ingame. Also that frame rate is the reason why I dropped the game right after making a character.It's too much like Tera or B&S in feel and looks for me to take seriously. That, and the optimization is horrendous. I tried it for a bit but.... Just no.

The emphasis on loli pets (for every class) alone chased me away though.But then again, Tera and especially BnS looks and feels million times better and smoother. Tried it yesterday and uninstalled it after 10min. It's just pure garbage in every possible way.

Astellia Online Asper just looks very good. It felt like the developers didn't actually know what they wanted to do or achieve with the game. The Astel's seem like they were added as "the gimmick" to sell the game, rather than something that seemed integral to it, the zones and graphics felt like checklists, emotionless areas to check boxes on a list of environments rather than creating a world.You mention Tera and B&S, and they simply did this a lot better, despite their other faults.

It felt like a mobile game to me. Dungeon tickets, auto pathing between quests, fights with very little action required.

It has one of the worst optimization ever, barunson ea also doesnt have much experience in mmorpgs besides lagheim and last chaos.

This was meant to be a quick cash grab.. it's not worth regardless of what they release.

People need to stop hyping over "new" garbage games, i'd rather play tera/blade&soul over this.

It played amazingly well on my aged computer-at least it won't launch with the buy Astellia Online Asper same major problems as Bless. I actually really enjoyed this game in CBT2! It sort of feels like a mix of WOW and Aion and I know a lot of people miss the old tab target games. The problem is the OBVIOUS lack of interest in it-Bless just permanently burned "never again" into a lot of our brains, and it's just nuts to launch it as a B2P title, when the main endgame content requires lots of warm bodies to make it viable/fun. I really want to play a new MMO, as do many of you, and Astellia is certainly good enough...I'm just not sure I want to spend any money on an MMO that is DOA. I don't even think it has enough potential population to make the first wave to endgame have a viable experience.

I played the closed beta for 2 hours and had TERRIBLE freezes and FPS drops, and no I don’t have this issue with any other MMORPG. Maybe you have a NASA computer to suggest it’s “much better than expected”, but for me that alone is enough to turn me away. Not to mention the generic questing, stiff awkward tab target combat, and boring storyline.UE3 mean optimization will be complete trash. It will be Bless all over again.