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    • Game Astellia Online
    • Server RU-Альтаир
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    Trade Introduction

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    Briefly Introduction About Astellia Online

    Astellia is an upcoming MMORPG being prepped for release in North America from Barunson E&A. It's currently launched in South Korea as of late 2018, and will launch in the Summer 2019 in North America. It is a high fantasy MMORPG that uses an Astel system to give player companions to fight with. Barunson has chosen to make the game F2P in Korea, will be B2P in the West. Right now, Two more Russia servers have been added now, which is bringing a lot of players join.

    There are five classes, Warrior (Tanker), Rogue (Melee dealer), Archer (Range dealer), Mage (Range dealer), Scalar (Healer). Both the Player and Astell classes are similar to that of traditional MMORPG class roles. Depending on the battle situation, the player can summon Astell to complement their weaknesses or strengthen their own power.