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Myth of Empires: Strategies for County Battles

Mar-14-2024 PST Myth of Empires

Greetings, fellow guildmates! Tonight marks our foray into a county battle, and as we prepare our arsenal of weapons and gear, a few key questions have surfaced. Here, I'll address them with the most detailed insights possible:

Myth of Empires: Strategies for County Battles

1, Loadout at Spawn: Your gear loadout must be deposited into the logistics tent, accessible two hours before the battle commences. While anything equipped on your hotbar or worn remains with you upon entry, additional gear like arrows, extra equipment, and horses need to be stored in the tent.

2, Respawning Mechanics: Upon death, you respawn with the gear you had at the time. Fortunately, no gear is lost upon death, but durability wears down during combat. It's advisable to monitor gear durability closely, and immediate respawning is often preferred to minimize armor durability loss. Horses or thralls can be respawned five minutes after their demise.

3, Siege Equipment Considerations: Offensive tactics may warrant siege equipment like battering rams or flamethrowers, whereas defenders might opt for ballistas or fire traps. The battle commences with breaking down the city door or scaling its walls. Capturing flags adds time to the timer.

4, Weaponry for Final Assault: While end-game weapons expedite the destruction of the final building, it's worth noting that even basic hatchets can serve in this role, albeit with extended effort. Utilize the best gear available to maximize damage output and maneuverability, ensuring effective strikes on the target building.

5, Gear Reclamation Post-Battle: Any intact gear brought into the battle can be retrieved from the logistics tent post-battle. However, items stored in the tent remain inaccessible until the conclusion of the battle or removal within the instance.

As you brace for the battle ahead, remember to arm yourselves adequately and anticipate fierce resistance from defending forces. County battles are thrilling engagements that demand preparation and resolve. Join MMOexp.com, buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins and get MoE guides easy. Best of luck in the fray, and may our efforts secure victory in our territorial conquests. If further queries arise, feel free to inquire, for the battlefield awaits our valorous endeavors.

MMOexp Myth of Empires Team