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​NBA 2K23 MyTeam Releases Season 5 - What’s New in Season 5

Mar-08-2023 PST NBA 2K23

NBA 2K MyTeam welcomes you to the land of beaches, pristine, and Tyler Herro, Miami. He is the Sixth man of the year and he joined the team in 2019. He is the featured hero of season 5 of NBA 2K23 and will heat the court with his skills. Along with all this, you will also get a lot of new rewards and content. So, are you ready to welcome Season 5 in style?

My Career  

Although the 2023 All-Star Game was set in Salt Lake City, you will be taken to Sunny Miami for season 5 of NBA 2K23. For the upcoming six weeks, players will be able to enjoy the warm weather of Miami along with content and rewards.

1. Clothing

The weather in Miami is tropical so the outfits are picked to match the weather. Players will start with level 35 Nike Ja 2 shoes and level 10 Hawallan floral shirts.

2. Transportation

There are many modes of transportation in NBA 2K23 but the latest addition is the pocket bike. It is a level 40-pocket bike that you can use to race with your friends.

3. New Brands

Many brands have been part of NBA 2K from day one and the latest addition to this list is the Daily Paper which debuted on February 17. It features a hoodie that was created in collaboration with Dreamville and it will be released on February 24 at the launch of season 5.


For MyTeam, the star of the show happens to be Tyler Herro who is a level forty player. Players have already seen Herro in MyTeam but this time, he is powered up with dark matter and has an overall rating of 99. He will lead your team from the position of point guard.

To reach Herro in MyTeam, players have to earn one hundred and fifty thousand experience points. LeBron James is the new agent card in MyTeam that you can get for free. He is the all-time leading scorer in NBA and is known as ‘The King.’ With LeBron James on your side, you can earn a lot of experience points and quickly level up to unlock Herro.

Just like every previous season of MyTeam, Season 5 will be the same with new games and rewards.

Series 2

The series 2 collection is coming for the first time with the launch of season 5. Learn about the ratings of all the players and check who is being powered up by Galaxy opals to add them to your lineup for benefit. You can get these series 2 cards from the built-in pack market and sell them again at the auction house when you are done with them.

Players will get thirty new pink diamond collection rewards upon completion of a set. More than four hundred cards are available here and you can complete ten collector levels by completing these cards.

1. New Domination Tier

The domination tier is yet another addition to NBA 2K23 and you can earn cards with this. You can pick a lineup here and compete with thirty of the best NBA teams to win the big prize. You don’t have to unlock the previous tiers to take part in the current domination tier and can improve your collection of cards in no time.

2. Better Mode Rewards

Everything from game modes to additional modes is getting filled with new and better rewards to encourage players to do better. Every week, new rewards and cards are added to MyTeam. Limited will be available for the whole week just like the previous season so you can have fun whenever you want.

3. Finals

The 4th and 5th of March will mark the final GameDay when sixty-four players will compete for the final prize of two hundred and fifty grand. You can watch the competition from the built-in 2KSteamCast. The finals will be held on the 18th of March.

4. Women NBA

Players are also getting new clothing bundles to customize their characters. Players boosts are available to boost the performance of your players. For season five of the NBA 2K23, various rewards are available which are given below.

· Becky Hammon Coach Card

· Becky Hammon T-Shirt

· Ace’s Jersey Cards

· Clothing Bundle

· Team Resilience Boosts

· Sylvia Fowles Heroine Edition Jersey

· Player Boosts

To earn these rewards, you have to play in Women's NBA online mode.

5. Beats

The NBA franchise is not only for basketball lovers but for artists as well. They can share their art with the basketball world all thanks to beats. Season 5 is no different as it will feature beats from some of the most popular producers. Here are all the tracks along with the names of the artists.

· BoogzDaBeast - CaveDrip

· JohnG -Japan flights

· Kosine -BARBADOS

· Big Duke -ALRIGHT

· Bizness Boi - Whipper Upper, Stone colds neck

· WondaGurl - Dreams Of, Jet Black

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