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Path of Exile Crucible league: A Guide to the All-New Vaal Skills

Nov-22-2023 PST path of exile

Path of Exile introduces an array of updates, reworks, and balance changes to offer players an exciting experience. Among the notable additions are nine new Vaal skills that open up a world of opportunities for unique builds and exploration. These skills include Vaal Absolution, Vaal Domination, Vaal Reap, Vaal Rejuvenation Totem, Vaal Animate Weapon, Vaal Arctic Armour, Vaal Ice Shot, Vaal Lightning Arrow, and Vaal Firestorm. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of each of these new Vaal skills.

Path of Exile Crucible league: A Guide to the All-New Vaal Skills

Skill gems serve and POE currency as the lifeblood of Path of Exile, POE currency(Divine Orb, Chaos Orb, Exalted Orbs, and so on.) serves a specific function in the crafting and enhancement of a character's equipment, players can buy cheap Path of Exile currency at MMOexp. Skill gems granting characters various abilities and forming the foundation of their builds. Vaal skill gems, in particular, have always garnered popularity due to their potent secondary abilities resulting from Vaal corruption. By slaying enough monsters, players accumulate souls, enabling them to unleash devastating secondary Vaal abilities to decimate foes or gain powerful buffs. Now, let us explore the nine new Vaal skills introduced in the Crucible league.

Vaal Absolution:

Vaal Absolution grants players temporary immunity to curses, making it an invaluable skill for countering curse-heavy encounters. It allows you to break free from the debilitating effects of curses and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Vaal Domination:

Vaal Domination empowers your minions, enhancing their damage, speed, and survivability. This skill is ideal for summoner builds, enabling you to lead a fearsome army that crushes all opposition.

Vaal Reap:

Vaal Reap offers a unique twist on the classic Reap skill. It allows you to harvest souls from slain enemies, which can be expended to increase the skill's area of effect and damage. This skill provides excellent crowd control and can turn the battlefield into a harvest of devastation.

Vaal Rejuvenation Totem:

Vaal Rejuvenation Totem provides a significant burst of life regeneration to you and your allies within its radius. This skill is particularly useful in intense encounters where survivability is crucial, ensuring you and your party remain in the fight.

Vaal Animate Weapon:

Vaal Animate Weapon brings your fallen foes' weapons to life, turning them into loyal minions that fight by your side. This skill allows for creative and strategic gameplay, as you can amass an army of animated weapons to overwhelm your enemies.

Vaal Arctic Armour:

Vaal Arctic Armour envelops you in a protective aura of cold, significantly reducing incoming physical damage and providing chilling ground that hinders enemy movement. This skill is perfect for tanky characters seeking increased survivability against physical threats.

Vaal Ice Shot:

Vaal Ice Shot transforms your regular Ice Shot into a cataclysmic explosion upon impact, releasing shards of ice that damage and freeze enemies. This skill excels at freezing large groups of enemies, providing excellent crowd control and damage output.

Vaal Lightning Arrow:

Vaal Lightning Arrow electrifies your arrows, causing them to split and chain between enemies, dealing significant lightning damage. This skill is ideal for clearing packs of enemies, as it can quickly dispatch multiple targets with a single shot.

Vaal Firestorm:

Vaal Firestorm enhances the devastating power of Firestorm by summoning additional fiery meteors that rain down upon enemies. This skill is a spectacle to behold, engulfing the battlefield in flames and leaving nothing but scorched earth in its wake.

With these nine new Vaal skills, Path of Exile Crucible offers players exciting avenues for experimentation and the creation of powerful new builds. Whether you prefer devastating enemies with cataclysmic explosions or leading an army of animated weapons, the Crucible league has something for every playstyle. Harness the power of these Vaal skills and forge your path to victory in the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile.