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Skull and Bones: Cutthroat Secrets Walkthrough

Jun-27-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Embarking on the Cutthroat Secrets contract in Skull and Bones thrusts players into a web of intrigue and danger, where retrieving critical information and dealing with Scurlock's treacherous allies are paramount. This guide aims to unravel the complexities of this campaign, ensuring a smooth progression through Skull and Bones' treacherous waters.

Skull and Bones: Cutthroat Secrets Walkthrough

1. Locate the Agent's Stash to Gather Information About Scurlock's Traitors

Upon accepting the Cutthroat Secrets contract from Scurlock, access the Agent's Clues map to pinpoint the Agent's Stash.

Navigate to Skull and Bones' Sunken Goldmine, centrally located along the Coast of Africa. Refer to the marked maps for precise coordinates.

Disembark at the Goldmine and follow these steps to reach the stash:

Pass through the adjacent corridor leading to the beach cache.

Traverse towards the open area with the cookery.

Ascend rightwards to the Pirate's Bonfire and locate the red light, indicating the stash's location.

Interact with the on-screen prompt to unearth the valuable information from the Agent's Stash.

2. Sink Scurlock's Traitor

Armed with crucial intel, set sail to confront and eliminate Scurlock's Traitor, positioned near the Navigators' Cross outpost on the east side of the Coast of Africa (refer to the provided maps).

Utilize Skull and Bones' fast travel option if previously visited, hastening your arrival to the designated area.

3. Return to Scurlock

With Scurlock's Traitor vanquished, journey back to Sainte-Anne and report to Scurlock to finalize the Cutthroat Secrets contract.

Claim your rewards, including Silver, Infamy, and a valuable Megaphone.

The Megaphone, a Major Furniture item, enhances your ship's capabilities by reducing Reload Time with consecutive hits, up to a significant 15%. Consider equipping it promptly for strategic advantages in future encounters.

By following this comprehensive walkthrough, you'll navigate the intricate webs of deceit in Skull and Bones' Cutthroat Secrets campaign, emerging victorious and enriched with valuable Skull and Bones Items rewards.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team