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Skull and Bones: Fast Travel Guide

Jun-24-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones immerses players in a world of piracy, where sailing, exploration, and ship combat reign supreme. While navigating the vast seas is exhilarating, knowing how to fast travel can be a game-changer for efficiency and convenience.

Skull and Bones: Fast Travel Guide

Unlocking Fast Travel

Fast travel in Skull and Bones isn't available immediately. To unlock it, you must first reach Sainte-Anne and progress beyond the initial stages of the game. Once you've discovered a second outpost, the option to fast travel will appear in your ship's menu.

Using Fast Travel

Selecting Destinations: Fast travel is limited to outposts you've previously visited. Look for the small icon with two arrows on the map, indicating unlocked fast travel points. From an outpost or den, choose 'Fast Travel' instead of 'Set Sail' to access the fast travel menu.

Cost: Unlike some games where fast travel is free, Skull and Bones charges Silver based on the distance traveled. The cost is displayed before confirming your destination, ensuring you're aware of the expenditure.

Limitations: Fast travel is restricted to and from Outposts and Dens where you can dock your ship. Points of interest that are only accessible while sailing cannot be fast-traveled to. Additionally, fast travel isn't available while sailing in the open sea.

Benefits and Considerations

Fast travel in Skull and Bones is a time-saving option, ideal for restocking supplies, completing contracts, or revisiting key locations. It doesn't advance in-game time, preserving quest deadlines and event schedules. However, the Silver cost should be managed wisely, especially for longer distances.

By mastering fast travel, you can navigate the seas with greater efficiency, get more Skull and Bones Items, Materials and Silver, maximizing your pirate adventures in Skull and Bones.

MMOexp Skull and Bones Team