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Skull and Bones: How to Get Pieces of Eight and Where to Spend Them

Mar-21-2024 PST Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones lets you live the dream life of a pirate and loot ship. It features various currencies like silver and no matter how you earn them, you need to spend them wisely to become a fearful pirate. Earning these currencies is also a problem especially for beginners as they don’t have good ships to attack enemies with high loot. Their ship also lacks a good crew. Like other open-world games, once you have reached the end-game, your main focus will be to do side activities and earn special currencies to become even more powerful. One such activity is to do business with a secret organization and earn pieces of eight(Po8). In this guide, we’ll share details about Skull and Bones currencies especially details about how to get pieces of eight and where to spend them.

Skull and Bones: How to Get Pieces of Eight and Where to Spend Them

Currencies in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones Silver is the main currency in Skull and Bones but some other currencies are also available like the pieces of eight. With these special currencies, you can get special items such as weapons and blueprints. One such currency is called pieces of eight. Some currencies also enable you to change the appearance of their character as well as upgrade their ship to attack high-level enemies. Pieces of eight currency work in the black market only and you can use it to purchase blueprints to upgrade your ship.

How to get Pieces of Eight?

Pieces of Eight is a high-level currency so you can’t get it from the start. This currency requires some extra effort but it's worth it because you'll get some of the best stuff with it. There is a secret organization in Skull and Bones called the Helm. You need to complete various secret contracts for this currency to get the pieces of eight special currency. Before taking on these quests, you need to complete the Unsettling Grip quest from the storyline of the game. Another requirement to get this currency is to have enough Infamy.

If you meet both of these requirements, you'll get a letter from Saint-Anne. This letter will ask you to go to Le Pont Muet and meet the bartender. Her name is Yanita and she will share details about the secret organization and their business of smuggling stuff for the black market. This organization is involved in dangerous work and they require fearless pirates to do their dirty work. Their main items are opium and rum which are illegal in the game. Your job will be to gather raw materials like poppy seeds and sugarcane to create items for the Helm secret organization. Once you have joined the organization, the bartender will call representatives of the organization to take a supply order.

Before earning a good amount, you will have to do some tutorial quest to understand how the organization and the black-market work. To get the materials for creating smuggling items, you need to loot pirates or spend money to purchase them from suppliers of the organization. After getting these materials, create rum and opium from them. To create the White silk rum, you need to complete the smuggling operation in Sainte-Anne. To create the opium, you need to go to the Telok Penjarah. Other high-tier smuggling items will be unlocked later. You can find these products from the supply network as well.

The first contract from the organization is called “Taking the Helm.” For this quest, you need to visit a marketplace on the map to find a unique item and deliver it to the secret organization. A new mission will be given to you after you complete this mission and the reward for this mission is twenty-five pieces of eight. This quest is called “A Tight Ship.” These quests will surely take some time as you have to make direct deliveries and the option for fast traveling isn’t allowed. Some enemy pirates which are called the Rouges will attack your ship while you are on the mission to deliver this cargo and you have to escape from them. You'll get the currency for safely delivering the cargo to the destination.

Where to spend Pieces of Eight?

Earning the pieces of eight is a difficult task so you don’t want to waste even a piece of this priceless currency in Skull and Bones. You'll be earning some pieces as soon as you start working with the organization but you'll need some time to earn a good amount. After you complete the handoff, you'll be asked to meet the bartender again. After meeting her, you'll get access to the actual black market as well as to the secret organization. In the black market, you can purchase everything from resources to cannons, armor, ship items, and character customization items, etc. Rare blueprints are the most sought-after black-market items in Skull and Bones.

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