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The Best Quarterbacks in Madden 24 Season 5

Apr-15-2024 PST Madden 24

EA Sports is known for its sports games and Madden 24 is no different. It is the official American Football title which was released in August 2023. It belongs to the Madden NFL series and features realistic details of the National Football League. It is known for introducing various next-generation game features including SAPIEN technology, new animations, Field Sense, etc. No matter how good a game is, it is of use if you aren’t good at it. For this purpose, we are sharing a series of Madden 24 guides with you to make you familiar with various game systems and basics. Today, we are sharing with you details about an important position called Quarterback. A list of the best quarterbacks in Madden 24 Season 5 is also given here.

The Best Quarterbacks in Madden 24 Season 5

What are Quarterbacks in Madden 24?

Quarterbacks are an important part of an American football team. They are known for their offensive abilities and their job is to start the play. This is why, they are also called the leaders of a team. A quarterback has the ball at the start of the play and he or she moves it down the field by throwing it or handing it to other players. On the field, a quarterback will be placed in the middle of the attacking team’s line directly behind the center.

The Best Quarterbacks in Madden 24 Season 5

Now that you know how important a quarterback is in Madden 24, it is time to pick the best quarterbacks for your team in Season 5. If you wisely choose a quarterback in this season, you can easily win matches. All the quarterbacks given below will start with a set team but you can get them in various game modes. If you want to experiment, choose a quarterback with high speed, throwing power, throwing accuracy, and strength stats. Here are our picks for the best quarterbacks to conquer the field pass of Season 5.

1.Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is one of the best quarterbacks for Season 5 for all the right reasons. First of all, his rating is overall ninety-nine, which is quite impressive. Secondly, he became MVP of the Super Bowl twice. His rating was increased to an overall ninety-nine after he helped his team get their Super Bowl victory in February. Only five players have managed to get the ninety-nine-overall rating in Madden 24 and Mahomes is one of them. Some of his stats include ninety-nine toughness, ninety-nine awareness, and ninety-seven throw power. Thanks to his base stats, he is the best quarterback for beginners starting their Season 5 in Madden 24. His current team is the Chiefs.

2.Josh Allen

Meet the cover star of Madden 24 who is also an impressive quarterback. Thanks to his last season, he is currently the third player with the highest rating in Madden 24. His current team is Bills and he is the first player from the team to feature on the cover of the game. His overall rating is ninety-four while a deep analysis of his stats reveals that his physical abilities are unmatched. If you want a quarterback to run the ball on the field, he is your best option as his acceleration is ninety-two and his speed is eighty-eight. His best weapon is his throw power which has a ninety-nine rating. This lets him throw the ball a long way down the field. With such throwing power, you can make a strong back even in the final minutes of the game.

3.Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is a quarterback from the Cowboys. His current performance isn’t that great but he is still the sixth-highest rated quarterback in Madden 24. His current overall rating is eighty-seven due to his low performance in the last personal season. Don’t fall for his low overall stats as his other stats are very high and this makes him a good choice for Season 5. Some of the highest stats of Prescott are ninety-seven toughness, ninety-five stamina, and ninety-four throws while on the run.

4.Joe Burrow

Meet the tiger from the house of Bengals, Joe Burrow. He led his team to the AFC championship game which earned him the popular title “best-of-the-rest” in Madden 24. His current rating is ninety-five overall and it was increased this year after he helped the franchise in a lot of different ways. Compared to all the other quarterback choices for Season 5 of Madden 24, Joe Burrow has the best throwing stats. His throw accuracy for short ranges is ninety-nine while his throw accuracy for medium ranges is ninety-eight which is quite impressive. The only reason he came last in your list of the best quarterbacks for Madden 24 Season 5 is because of his rating. Chances are that he’ll improve his game and boost his ranking but for now, he is the second-best choice for those who can’t afford Patrick Mahomes.

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