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​The Best Tiki Taka Possession Tactics for FIFA 23

Mar-14-2023 PST FIFA 23

Let's play with comprehensive FIFA 23 tiki-taka football possession tactics to unleash your team to overcome your opponent.

Some of the best teams in history, like Pep Guardiola's Barcelona, have been most successful because of the legendary tiki-taka technique. A case can be made for the claim that these Tactics ushered in a new era of football, FIFA 23, and many people seem to agree. The goal of the tiki-taka style of football is to maintain possession of the ball at all costs while simultaneously generating scoring opportunities with pinpoint passing and fluid forward movement. Because of the way the AI is programmed, it's not easy to make an identical clone of the system in a game like FIFA. Yet, we can attempt it.

In this article, I'll show you how to implement what I think is the best tiki-taka possession Tactics in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23: Possession - Tactics

Despite the fact that tiki-taka is not as aggressive off the ball as other forms of total football that we have seen in the past, it is still quite effective, considering its style of play. Despite this, it is essential to make a few adjustments to the way the offense and defense are playing strategically.

Offense Tactics

The offensive philosophy of the tiki-taka style is comparable to that of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who emphasizes a gradual, systematic buildup of play. The tiki-taka takes a somewhat different technique to create chance via player movement. Possession mode instructs the AI to attempt to play in the same "triangular passing zones" that the legendary Barcelona squad was famous for.

At all times, there are at least two opposing players pushing the ball carrier, typically creating a triangle around them. It's almost like a rondo drill, with everyone around the central player while they attempt to catch the ball.

It's a clever tactic for maintaining possession and slowing down the advancing side.

To reiterate, the width should be kept consistent. It is recommended that four players be positioned within the penalty area for crosses since this method calls for a large number of players to be involved in the buildup play prior to entering the penalty area. When trying to develop, it might be challenging to create triangles of passing space if too many players are making runs toward the box. When you have four players on the field, the LCM, LW, RW, and ST are all viable options for passing or crossing the ball into the box.

Defense Tactics

To ensure the system's success, players should quickly apply pressure on the opposition after giving up control of the ball. If you lose control of the ball, your most incredible opportunity of recovering it is usually just after you give it up, in the seconds before your opponent decides what to do with it. If you choose to "press following possession loss," your team's players will immediately begin attempting to regain control of the ball within their zone.

You may get your fullbacks closer to the action in the attacking stages of the game by maintaining a consistent width and allowing the defensive line to come up. You'll need to keep an eye out for your opponent's counter-attack possibilities and set up off-side traps, which calls for a high focus and awareness.

Formation Of Players Tactics

Specifically, a 4-3-3 with a false 9 formation is needed while playing FIFA 23. A center-forward who drops back into a more profound role than a typical striker will be used in this formation. Lewandowski now serves as Barca's starting striker. He isn't the best fit for the tiki-taka style of play, but he can fill in as a deep-lying attacker when needed.

Squad Selection Tactics

My demonstration at FIFA 23 uses the Barcelona team because of the club's long history of using this strategy, but you may test it out with any group of players as long as they possess the following fundamentals:

· A goalkeeper who is capable of making saves with his feet.

· Players with technical skill in the outfield.

· Fullbacks with excellent passing and crossing abilities.

· A capable ball handler and dribbler who plays in the middle of the field. Having a strong foot but a weaker one is advantageous.

· A midfielder who has outstanding vision and passing ability.

· Wingers who have speed, excellent control of the ball, and a finishing touch.

Final Thoughts

FIFA 23 seems to favor more aggressive, high-tempo playstyles over more patient, possession-based approaches like the tiki-taka system. After much trial and error, though, we’ve settled on this particular tiki-taka style as the one that most closely mirrors the basic technique while still being victorious against the game's artificial intelligence. It's absolutely worth trying if you have the right kind of players. In addition, MMOexp has been providing the cheapest FIFA 23 coins service to its customers, professional team and fast shipping, thanks for the support..